Elite Mare Wintermaske

Wintermaske, foaled in April 1998, has become one of Home Again Farm's brightest stars. She is our Rubinstein I mare Rubizza's first daughter, by the Elite Hanoverian stallion Weltbekannt. Winter's pedigree crosses two of the most outstanding modern dressage lines - Rubinstein I and Weltmeyer.


At this writing Winter has given us three wonderful offspring. Her first was an embryo transfer foal, Ballerina, by Bugatti Hilltop. At three Ballerina successfully passed her mare inspection and mare performance test, with the outstanding score of 8.5 for rideability and is now an Elite mare. Winter's next two foals were by Stedinger — Soliloquy a 2006 filly and Scorpio a 2007 colt. Soliloquy was a successful inhand filly and mare and successfully passed her mare inspection and mare performance test. She will be an Elite mare when she produces her 1st foal. Scorpio and Soliloquy both proved to be willing and talented under saddle. In 2009 Winter produced a lovely dark bay colt by Wamberto. As a lark we took Wunderboy to a few DSHB shows as a yearling and we won Horse of the Year for Yearling colts in 2010. In 2011 Winter had Balanchine, a beautiful Bugatti colt who is a near clone of his older sister Ballerina. Winter has become a top producing mare for us, just as her mother was, and just as we thought she might. In 2011, she went back under saddle with friends and took back to work as if she'd never quit. My workoholic girl loved the attention and the work. I brought her home in April 2013 and she is now in foal to Fidertanz for a 2014 foal. Stay tuned.

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Winter's story in depth

Winter was born April 1998, Rubizza's first foal and it was immediately obvious that she was very special, with wonderful conformation, sweet and funny temperament, and lovely gaits. Winter is a black beauty who inherited her wonderful attitude and sparkle from her two parents. She quickly showed us her grit and determination in recovering fully from a serious injury at the tender age of three months. Her chrome, gaits, conformation and charisma completely obscure a slight scar on a hind leg.

Winter at 3 months

Photo Sherry Smith

Wintermaske at her foal branding - 3 months of age

In January 2001 Winter was put lightly under saddle with our trainer Maya Sniadecky. She showed an exceptional balance for such a green horse during the weeks of work. She also displayed a confidence that Maya felt would be hard to ever squash -- no self esteem problems with this young lady! In just seven weeks she was working very nicely at the walk, trot and canter, doing nicely balanced transitions. Our trainer Maya Sniadecky did her usual wonderful job, giving Wintermaske a foundation that will last all her life.

Winter was named Champion Hanoverian Mare at her American Hanoverian Society inspection in October 2001, making an overall 7.5.

The judge's remarks were: "This is the top mare here, and it is not only the markings that make her so flashy. Everything is well put together. This is what we are striving for – as a broodmare or a riding horse. Very well put together mare. Look at her face, look at her neck, look at her saddle position. A very good loin part, and a very STRONG loin part, very rounded hind end. very well put together hind end, very good foundation. Look at the legs – straight. Very good feet, ankles, pasterns very good. Everything fits together. Good size. The horse has a very good temperament – puffs up when you want, stays quiet when you want. That's what we need. A very good amateur horse. I'm sure she is a beautiful riding horse as well."

winter at AHS mare inspection

Photos Reg Corkum

Winter at three years - Champion Hanoverian Mare at her inspection with a 7.5

Winter, Champion Hanoverian mare

Winter stayed under saddle and started her dressage career, scoring consistently in the 70's at Training and First Level dressage in 2002. She also was named Champion Young Horse at the SE Regional Breeder's Championships in November 2001. In 2002 she has continued her winning ways, winning Mare Championships in both of the breed shows that she entered. At her second show for 2002, she was also High Score Hanoverian and won the Four Year Old Materiale class. In November 2002, she won every class and championship that she entered in hand and under saddle at the Sunshine Classic, a breed show series championship show. See a fun picture from her first breed show as a three year old below. This girl does covet ribbons!

Winter and lotsa ribbons

Photos Reg Corkum

In 2003 she was very nearly undefeated at Second Level dressage, and has qualified for the FEI Young Horse regional qualifier, with two very good scores in the 5 year old division. See the news pages for details of those wins!

Winter airborne

Photo Suzanne Sturgill

Winter showing as a five year old

Winter under saddle Feb 2003

Photo Suzanne Sturgill

In 2003, while still being shown, Winter was bred to Bugatti Hilltop for a 2004 embryo transfer foal. We could not be more pleased than we are with the resulting black filly, Ballerina, a duplicate of Wintermaske herself, who has grown up to be a chip off the old block in every possible way.

During the fall of 2004, Wintermaske was in training with Fred Weber of Maryland, at Suzanne Quarles' Some Day Soon Farm, which is also home to Winter's father Weltbekannt. While there, Fred called her a horse of a lifetime, and was immensely pleased with her work ethic, talent, and ability to focus and to learn. In December 2004, we reassessed all of our mares (as we do every year), and reluctantly decided that, despite the temptation to keep Winter going in her under saddle career, it was really time for her to come home again, this time to stay, and to produce babies that we hope will equal her in gaits, temperament and rideability. We bred her to the Sandro Hit son Stedinger in 2005. In April 2006 she presented us with the typey, elegant and sweet filly, Soliloquy. She has been bred back to Stedinger for 2007, as it would be nearly impossible to improve on the first produce from that cross. In May 2007 she gave us another winner — Scorpio, black with chrome like mama!

Winter is more than we could have hoped for. We anticipate more great things from her in the future in the form of wonderful foals. We also love living with this funny, charming and beautiful mare. And we thank her mama Rubizza and her papa Weltbekannt for her!

Please read about Wintermaske's father Weltbekannt and mother Rubizza for more about her ancestors.

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