News 2012

January 2012

I have been remiss in not updating this page since last May. Sadly, I have one more foal loss to report, along with quite a few breeding disappointments. 2011 was a year that I am very glad to see gone, as it involved so much sorrow. I am hoping that 2012 is much kinder.

Frolichkeit's beautiful Hotline filly Halcyon was euthanized in June due to an injury to her neck that caused ataxia. That was my third loss of a foal for this year and it really took an emotional toll that will be longlasting. It has made me reassess the rewards of breeding versus the risks and emotional as well as monetary expenses. After giving it much thought, I have decided to severely cut back my breeding program. I am retiring some of my older mares and will sell or place a couple that should probably continue breeding. For a while at least, I will continue to do embryo transfers with EM Wolkenstanza and her sister EMC Dominique.

That decision was made much easier by the dreadful breeding season that was 2011. Rubizza, Rohanna and Diva failed to conceive. EM Wintermaske lost her For Compliment pregnancy. SPS Püppi lost her Don Schufro pregnancy. SPS Riou lost her Licotus pregnancy. Kabibi and Frolichkeit were both leased this season and are pregnant for 2012 for their breeder. That left me with only two foals due — an embryo transfer foal by Fidertanz from EM Wolkenstanza and a Bellissimo foal from EMC Dominique. The Fidertanz foal was sold in utero to my trainer Maya Sniadecky. I look forward to Domi's foal with anticipation and a certain amount of worry.

Our beautiful Londonderry filly Lilyana has been sold to Holly and Jeffrey Taylor, Ohio. I look forward to reports of her under saddle and showing.

Of the six 2011 foals that I had left, all were well received at their AHS foal presentations. Three have been sold and the other three are for sale. The pictures below show them at the inspection.

Segovia, seen below (Stedinger/ EM Wolkenstanza) was named co-champion colt for the day. He has been sold to Bryan Bartlett.

Renoir, seen below, (Rousseau/ EM Wolkenstanza) was very well received, with excellent comments on his movement. He has been sold to Bryan Bartlett, and will be renamed Really. I wish I had thought of the name.

Really (Renoir) at inspection

Word of Honor, seen below, (Wolkentanz I/ Rohanna) is a full brother to EM Wolkenstanza and shows every indication that he will be as good as his sister. He has been sold to Danielle Zeveney, who also owns Wintermaske's son Scorpio.

Word of Honor October 2011

Balanchine, seen below, (Bugatti Hilltop/ EM Wintermaske) is a full brother to EM Ballerina and is a masculine clone of his mama Wintermaske. He will make someone an outstanding dressage prospect, with the gaits and the mind to go far. He is a keeper for now.

Balanchine at InspectionBalanchine at Inspection

Rococo, seen below, (Blu Hors Romanov/ EM Diva) is a full brother to our Romanesque. He has the same great Romanov mind — outgoing, easy, people oriented and should make someone a great best friend. He has been sold to Holly and Jeffrey Taylor, Ohio.

Rococo at inspection

Fable, seen below, (Fabuleux/ Rubizza) is a full brother to our Fantastica. He will be quite tall. He has a noble head that will make him a handsome big fellow someday. He also has very powerful gaits, with an especially good walk and canter. He has been sold to Holly and Jeffrey Taylor, Ohio.

Fable October 2011

Also, for sale in Germany is SPS Püppi's gorgeous Quaterback colt Quantum Theory. See him below and in video here.

Quantum Theory trot

February 2012

Holly and Jeffrey Taylor of Blue Ridge Farm are fast becoming my best customers. Lilyana, Rococo and Fable have joined Royal Don and Hampton Roads (formerly Hot to Trot). They have Donnie and Hampton going well under saddle and ready to show.

Royal Don ridden by Holly Taylor 2012

Donnie looking great under saddle above and below

Royal Don ridden by Holly Taylor 2012

Hampton Roads ridden by Jeffrey Taylor 2012

Hampton looking great under saddle above and below

Lilyana (below) has been introduced to the bridle, saddle and longe, but is still hanging out being a big baby, too.

Lilyana in Ohio

And, Rococo and Fable (below) are getting acclimated to Ohio sunshine and grass after their long trip.

Fable and Rococo relaxing in a green pasture in Ohio

April 2012

There is so much to report. This year the 2009 babies turn three and many are being started under saddle. My own Fifi and Wunderboy are now with my trainer Maya Sniadecky. Both show a lot of promise. I will be updating their progress. Other 2009 babies being started are Wowdacious up in Michigan with Tracy Rowe. In Aiken, SC, Beverly Zimmer has started Fantom. And in Ohio, Holly and Jeffrey Taylor of Blue Ridge Farm are starting Lilyana.

Both of the 2012 foals have arrived safely. On March 16th, the embryo transfer mare gave birth to EM Wolkenstanza's 5th foal by Fidertanz. This one is a gorgeous, masculine bay colt named Fiorenzo. My trainer Maya Sniadecky had bought this baby in utero and she foaled out the mare herself at Karen Price's farm. I am looking forward to watching this beautiful and charismatic colt grow up and go under saddle.

Fiorenzo with mama

On March 31st, Dominique gave birth to a gorgeous bay filly by Bellissimo M. Bellissima is all I could have hoped for from this cross. Domi and baby are doing wonderfully. For now Bellissima is a keeper. I want to thank Jay and Betsy Pasco of The Foaling Barn in Micanopy for foaling out Domi and taking such great care of her and baby Bellissima.

Bellissima head

With foals being born, mares are also being bred. After last year's sorrows, I have cut back quite a bit on the numbers I will be breeding. I am retiring Rubizza, Rohanna and Frolichkeit. They have had lots of wonderful foals for me and deserve a nice green pasture without babies. Wintermaske is being ridden by my friends Danielle Zeveney and Robin Brown, though I have not ruled out breeding her again some year. She took back to work like a duck to water. Kabibi is being leased by Heather Luing. EM Diva is being leased by my friends Sally and Fred Moehring of Cottage Farm.

Winter and Robin

Wintermaske and her rider — both with big grins

As of April 20th, I have bred three mares and all three have pregnancies. In Germany, SPS Riou (Rouletto/ Prince Thatch xx/ Gigant) is in foal to Licotus (Likoto xx/ Donnerhall/ Balou). Also in Germany, Püppi (my Prince Thatch mare) is in foal to Don Schufro. The good, good girl double ovulated. We pinched a twin and I am hoping all goes well from here.

Here at home, EM Wolkenstanza gave us an embryo from Fidertanz. So far the surrogate dam is doing well with the pregnancy. This makes the 6th time for doing this golden combination. I hope to breed Stanza for one more ET, either to For Compliment or Benneton Dream.

Home Again Farm youngsters have been out at shows in Ohio. What great fun when three of them ended up at the same dressage show recently. Holly and Jeffrey Taylor were showing Royal Don and Hampton Roads (formerly Hot to Trot) and raking in blue ribbons and scores in the 70s. They ran into Eileen Beckman and her gorgeous boy Flamboyant. Eileen sent me these great pictures (left to right are Holly and Royal Don, Jeffrey and Hampton and Eileen and Flamboyant).

Royal Don, Hampton Roads and Flamboyant showing in Ohio

Royal Don, Hampton Roads and Flamboyant showing in Ohio

Royal Don and Hampton Roads with their ribbons

May 2012

EM Wolkenstanza has produced two embryos for 2013 ET foals. I am hoping that both the recipient mares hold onto those treasures. One is by Fidertanz and the other by For Compliment. EM Dominique has been bred to Licotus and I am waiting to hear if she has conceived.

Unfortunately, Dominique failed to conceive in 2012 and we lost Wolkenstanza's For Compliment embryo.

September 2012

Last month Fifi went out to her first USDF sport horse breed show since she was a yearling. She has been lightly started under saddle and so she showed in the three year old Materiale class, as well as the three year old fillies class. She won every class with very high scores. Many thanks to Maya Sniadecky who had her so well prepared and rode her beautifully and to Andras Szieberth who presented her in hand with skill and tact.

Fifi Champion filly at a breed show 2012

Fifi Champion filly at a breed show 2012


Fifi Champion filly at a breed show 2012

October 2012

I hosted my last AHS inspection on October 12th at Pennock Point Sporthorses. I presented Fifi for her Mare Inspection and presented the two foal born this year. Fifi was named Champion Hanoverian Mare. Bellissima, my 2012 filly by Bellissimo out of EM Dominique was named top filly. Fiorenzo, my 2012 colt by Fidertanz out of EM Wolkenstanza was named top colt. He is a full brother to Fifi. Another mare that I bred, Well Worth It, by Wolkentanz I and out of Rohanna, was named reserve champion Hanoverian mare. Many thanks to Maya Sniadecky who had Fifi and Fiorenzo so well prepared. Thanks to Jay Pasco for preparing Belissima. Thanks to Quinnten Alston for handling Fifi and to Michael Brown for his handling, as well.

Fifi Champion Hanoverian Mare at her inspection 2012

Fifi and Quinnten Alston in sych in every way


Bellissima top filly at her inspection

Fifi above and below - perhaps the best mare I have ever bred. She has her mama Stanza's eye.

Fifi Champion Hanoverian Mare at her inspection 2012

Bellissima top filly at her inspection

Bellissima above and below - top 2012 AHS filly

Bellissima top filly at her inspection

Fiorenzo top colt at his inspection

Fiorenzo above and below - top 2012 AHS colt

Fiorenzo top colt at his inspection

December 2012

It is with the heaviest of hearts that I report the loss of one of my best loved and most incredible producing mares.  I lost Rohanna on December 12th.  I had bought Roh as a long yearling from Judy Yancey who had recently imported her.  Finding a Rohdiamant filly in Ocala who was bred by Rosemarie Boelts, one of Oldenburg's finest breeders was amazing.  Roh went on to mature into a beautiful, talented riding mare and one of my very best broodmares.  She leaves a legacy of daughters (EM Weltdancer, Weltspring, EM Wolkenstanza, EM Dominique, Well Worth It) and fine sons (Hampton Roads, Word of Honor).  She leaves grandchildren that were even better than her own progeny (Fidelio, Fantom, Fifi, Feather, Fiorenzo all by Fidertanz out of Wolkenstanza, Renoir and Reflektion by Rousseau out of Wolkenstanza, Bellissima by Bellissimo out of EM Dominique).  Rohanna was the sweetest, kindest and gentlest mare I have ever known. I will miss her forever. RIP, my most beautiful one.

I have a public album on Facebook that is devoted to Rohanna and her offspring and grandchildren.  Feel free to visit it and understand just how wonderful she was.