News of 2010


Dominique made her dressage showing debut at the Ocala Winter Dressage show January 16 and 17th. She was very worried and unhappy the first day, missing her friend who was back at the barn. After a rocky first test, Domi won her next two tests (FEI four year old test and Training Level 4). She learned a lot and received very good comments and scores.


I attended the American Hanoverian Society's annual convention in Concordville, PA in early February. The meeting had the bad luck to be held the same weekend that a historic snow storm hit the area, bringing blizzard conditions that prevented us from visiting Hilltop Farm for a free jumping demonstration. As ever, the AHS folks rallied and the meeting was a very useful and interesting time, despite the challenges that weather presented. I was honored to be part of a roundtable discussion on the last morning of the convention, along with fellow breeders Barbara Schmidt (Bridlewood Farm, KY), Linda Mendenhall (Hof Mendenhall, MA) and Edgar Schutte (Rainbow Equus, CA). The subject was "The Path to Success: Genesis, Missteps and Revelations." Ably moderated by Dennis Moore (who could easily be a professional Sunday morning news show moderator), the discussion was well received and fun to be a part of. I hope that future meetings will offer the same thing again with different participants, as it was fascinating to hear others perspectives and experiences and to share with them and learn from them. (rev. 2/9/10)


It is always fun to hear from the people who now own the horses I have bred. I got a report from Laura Wayman who owns HAF's first born foal, Dazzler by Der Radetzky, who is now 14 years old. Dazzie is working on his tempis and playing with piaffe and passage. He is Laura's heart horse and for that all I can do is rejoice. See him below with his proud owner.

EM Diva presented us with her fourth foal and second filly on Sunday February 21st. Romanesque is a beautiful and correct bay filly by Blu Hors Romanov. At this point she looks like a keeper, but time will tell. See a couple pics of her at less than 24 hours old below. Say tuned for more as she grows. (rev. 2/22/10)

Romi 1 day



Wowdacious and Wunderboy went off into the big world to a breed show, where Wunderboy qualified for the regional finals and both learned about lengthy trailer rides, new places and covered arenas. What good boys.

Wunderboy at his 1st show

Wunderboy above and Wowdacious below


EM Wintermaske was successfully bred to Bugatti Hilltop on March 15th for a full sibling to her wonderful firstborn filly EM Ballerina. EM Diva was successfully bred back to Blu Hors Romanov on the 23rd, for a full sibling to her two previous Romanov fillies, a filly produced while leased and Romanesque, her 2010 filly bred by me. EM Wolkenstanza was successfully bred to Rousseau on the 25th for a repeat of the breeding that gave us the most exceptional 2009 colt Reflektion. That was an embryo transfer breeding, as Stanza continues in training. To date, the recipient mare is holding onto that precious embryo. (rev 3/30/10)


I have some new pictures of Fifi, Wolkenstanza's 2009 Fidertanz filly. She just gets better and better! This filly is the epitome of uphill and powerful, expressive movement.

Fifi - always uphill and powerful

On March 14th EM Wolkenstanza was bred again for a second embryo transfer foal, this time to Stedinger (the sire of two of Wintermaske's foals). It was thrilling to get an embryo the following week, which, do date is doing well. EMC Dominique had to live up to her big sister Stanza's breeding success and also presented us with an embryo from a breeding to the gorgeous young Bellissimo M son Benidetto this month. With any luck, I will be bring home the three ET recipients after they all are safely 60 days in foal. (4/30/10)


Our last foal for the year has arrived — an ET foal by Fidertanz out of Wolkenstanza. This is the 4th of this very consistently excellent cross for us and it did not disappoint. Meet Feather, a beautiful strong and elegant bay filly who looks like she will rival her big sister Fifi.

feather  3 days

Rohanna, Kabibi and Frolichkeit were all leased to another breeder for 2010 foals. They have all foaled successfully and will soon be rebred. I will be breeding both Kabibi and Frolichkeit to Hotline. That stallion's first foal crop is starting under saddle this year and the youngsters seem to be stamped with excellent rideability, willingness and potential. Hotline is not a "foal maker," but he is becoming known as an excellent riding horse sire. The youngsters can lack type and pretty little heads, but they make it up when they hit three years of age and offer their riders 100%. So, with that in mind, Hotline is back on my go to list as a sire.

I am still undecided about who I will be breeding Rohanna to this year. She had a lovely bay Danone I colt while leased this year. If I had that semen in stock, I would be tempted to repeat the breeding. Stay tuned.

I also hope to rebreed Rubizza to Fabuleux this month. So far her breedings have not gone well, with two cycles of annovulatory follicles. I am hoping that bad luck will change very soon.

Congratulations to Tracy Rowe McEwan (MI) on the purchase of Wowdacious (Wolkentanz I/ Rubin Royal/ Donnerhall). Tracy has developed many horses to the FEI levels and I look forward to seeing her and Wowser coming down the centerline at Grand Prix someday soon. Wowser arrived safely in Michigan and can be seen below looking very happy. (5/4/10)



I normally do not show my youngsters inhand until they are nearly three years old, but this year I had two that looked so very ready to go out in public. So, in July, Wunderboy and Fifi, both yearlings, went to a DSHB show in north Florida. Both showed well with high scores. Fifi was Filly Champion and Young Horse Champion, winning her filly class with an 85.3%. In September, they went to another DSHB show in Conyers, GA. That show was also the regional DSHB Championships. To my delight, Fifi ended up Regional Filly Champion and Wunderboy ended up Colt/ Gelding Champion. As icing on that lovely cake, both Fifi and Wunderboy ended up winning USDF DSHB Horse of the Year. Fifi was the yearling filly champion and Wunderboy was the yearling colt/gelding champion. Huge thanks go to my handler for showing them both so beautifully! See lots more new pics of each on their own pages.

Fifi winning the SE region filly championship

Fifi in a victory trot

Wunderboy on the way to being SE Regional in hand colt champion

Wunderboy strutting his considerable stuff

Also out showing were two more products of my breeding. Soliloquy (Stedinger/ EM Wintermaske) was frequently named champion mare and mature horse at the shows and ended up Reserve Champion mare at the SE Regional Championships. Well Worth It (Wolkentanz I/ Rohdiamant, a full sister to Wolkenstanza) went out and showed for the first time. Like her sweet mama Rohanna, Worthy is almost too polite to show in hand. She did well, despite her careful manner. Both are owned and loved by a dressage home.

Soliloquy Grand Champion at a show in Georgia

Soliloquy Grand Champion at a show in Georgia

Well Worth It Flly Champion in GA

Well Worth It Filly Champion in GA


I hosted my ninth AHS inspection October 13th. Two of my 2010 fillies were presented and registered. Both received very positive remarks and one, Feather (Fidertanz/ EM Wolkenstanza, a full sister to Fifi), was named co-champion filly. Soliloquy, a mare that I bred, now owned by a dressage and breeding home, was Champion Hanoverian mare and also performed well in her MPT. That owner also presented several foals that she bred from my mares. One of those was named co-champion colt - Ferrari by Ferro out of Ballerina. Read more about the whole inspection on its own page.

Feather at her foal presentaion

Feather (Fidertanz/ EM Wolkenstanza, a full sister to Fifi) at her foal presentation was co-champion filly

Romanesque at her foal inspection

Romanesque (Blu Hors Romanov/ EM Diva/Donnerhall) at her foal inspection

feather and mama

At the inspection Feather met her real mama Wolkenstanza for the first time. Mama and daughter will be near twins when Feather has grown up

I took advantage of Alicia Frese's inspection visit and had her do a farm shoot. I was thrilled to finally get some great pictures of Lilyana, Rubizza's 2009 Londonderry filly. See one below and many more on her own page.

Lilyana, Londonderry/ Rubinstein I yearling filly

Lilyana, Londonderry/ Rubinstein I yearling filly


It is always great to get pictures and reports of my babies from their new owners. The owners of Fantom and Wisteria both checked in lately with happy reports and great pics. Wisteria is so much like her mama Rubizza and Fantom is growing up to be a stunning fellow and moves like a typical Wolkenstanza baby. Wow!


Fantom showing off his wow movement


Wisteria, a chip off the old Rubizza block


I am off to the USDF convention where I will be picking up Fifi and Wunderboy's yearling DSHB Horse of the Year Awards. Other Home Again Farm bred horses will be winning year end awards — Weltdancer who was 2nd for HOY and 1st for AHS All Breeds at Second Level, Flamboyant who was 5th in his division for Materiale, Soliloquy who was 4th for the mare DSHB Horse of the Year Award.

Wolkenstanza will be a demonstration horse at the USDF Symposium during the weekend. It should be a fun time.

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