News of 2009


Rohanna presented us with a beautiful black filly by Wolkentanz I on January 24th. She is a full sister to our outstanding young mare Wolkenstanza. Here she is soundly sleeping on her first day in the world. Please visit Well Worth It (Worthy) on her own page.

Whisper Wolkenstanza's baby sister

The mares are getting close to foaling. All look wonderful. Below are the three embryo transfer ladies. Left to right are Missy (carrying a Rousseau/ Wolkenstanza foal), Mama's Poundcake and Shine On (each carrying Fidertanz/ Wolkenstanza foals):

The ET ladies

Below is the beautiful Kabibi (Rubin Royal / Donnerhall) in foal to Wolkentanz I:

Kabibi nine months pregnant

Our new puppy is growing up and learning to be a good girl. Trixie at 7 months showing off her new trick — sitting and staying.

Trixie 7 months


Arriving in a flurry of activity were two on the same night (March 28th) — a colt by Rousseau out of Wolkenstanza (an embryo transfer foal) and a colt by Rousseau's son Wamberto out of EM Wintermaske. Here are Reflektion and Wunderboy.

Reflektion by Rousseau, above

Reflektion by Rousseau, above

Wunderboy by Wamberto

Wunderboy by Wamberto, above

On March 26th, Kabibi presented us with a simply gorgeous chestnut colt by Wolkentanz I. Here is Wowdacious. Stay tuned for more pictures on his own page soon.

Wowdacious one day old


Not to be upstaged, two more mares foaled on March 28th! Wolkenstanza's Rousseau foal arrived by embryo transfer. The surrogate mama Missy did an outstanding job carrying this big baby for Stanza. Meet Reflektion at less than 12 hours old — named because he is an absolute mirror image of his mama Stanza, complete to the feather whorl in the middle of his forehead. Stay tuned for more pictures on his own page very soon.

Reflektion less than 12 hours old with his surrogate mom Missy

A few hours later Wintermaske finally produced her Wamberto foal. Winter held onto this baby boy for 368 days, but he is well worth the wait. He was born a little thin, but within hours was making up for lost time in the grocery department, nursing vigorously. Meet Wunderboy very soon on his own page.

And here is an updated picture of our new full sister to Wolkenstanza, Well Worth It. She just gets more and more beautiful.

Worthy head

Wolkenstanza went to her first two dressage shows this month. Showing at Craning Level, a very green Stanza is pulling 70s. She began very afraid of the other horses in the warm up areas, but by the second day was handling busy warm up quite well. We will show her a few more times this year and then work toward the five year old FEI Young Horse test for 2010.

Stanza at secnd show in trot

Stanza at 2nd show in canter

Only other breeders can understand how gratifying it is to be connected again with a horse that they bred and the lost touch with for a time. Royal Destinie was my first homebred filly's first foal. She sold as a yearling and then sold again two times before landing in her current home. By serendipity alone I found her. She is now owned and adored by Amanda Paris of North Carolina. Royal and Amanda are a match made in heaven. Royal is schooling Third Level, has her changes and has been quite successful in NC in dressage. According to Amanda, her 2008 end of the year awards include: first in second level NCDCTA HOY, 3rd in first level states, 2nd in second level states, and 5th in the Hanoverian Society for first level. Good going Amanda and Royal!!!

Royal and Amanda

Obviously the love is mutual

Royal trotting


The babies are almost all here. The first of the two Fidertanz embryo transfers from Wolkenstanza arrived April 5th, while Stanza was competing at a dressage show! Meet Fantom, an elegant fellow who is very nearly a clone of Fidelio, Stanza's 2008 Fidertanz foal.

Fantom, a colt  by Fidertanz

Fantom, a colt by Fidertanz (above)

Next to arrive was the second ET from Wolkenstanza. The two Fidertanz foals are the result of a double ovulation, so I suppose they could almost be considered twins. Meet Fifi, Stanza' beautiful new daughter by Fidertanz.

Flower Song, a Fidertanz filly from our beloved Wolkenstanza

Fifi, a Fidertanz filly from our beloved Wolkenstanza (above)

Next to arrive (and our last foal until Rubizza's Londonderry comes in June) is a gorgeous filly by Rascalino out of Frolichkeit. Meet the beautiful and sweet Rosabella.

Rosabella, Fro's new Rascalino filly, above

Rosabella, Fro's new Rascalino filly, above

Fidelio was sold in May and has gone to Oregon. Here he is with his new owner Leah Moore. We miss our beautiful black prince, but could not be more pleased with his new home.



Breeding is well under way and this year has not been terribly kind. Three embryo transfer attempts to rebreed Rohanna to Wolkentanz I failed. This year another breeder has leases to breed Rohanna, Kabibi and Frolichkeit. With 8 foals from 2009, I figured fewer for 2010 might be a wise move. They were successful in breeding all three and are expecting a Danone from Rohanna, another Wolkentanz I from Kabibi and a Hotline from Frolichkeit. I was successful in breeding Diva to Romanov. Wintermaske was bred to Stedinger and was in foal, but lost it at about 40 days. I will try to rebreed her soon. Stanza has been bred to Fidertanz for another ET. She double ovulated and I await the flush with great anticipation, hoping for two embryos.

Rubizza has is due to foal in late June. I am so anxious to see her next foal, as she is bred to Londonderry, a new and exciting cross.

Dominique is being started under saddle by my trainer Maya Sniadecky, who is raving about her easy temperament, willingness to learn and work and potential. I'll get pictures of her under saddle soon, but here is a conformation picture of her as she was just turning three — a solid 16.3 hands.


Wolkenstanza remains in training with Maya, and we will show her in hand and under saddle lightly through the fall.

The 2009 babies are just sensational. I have never had such a high quality foal crop and am enjoying watching them develop so much. Pictures below and on each of their pages:

FifiWolkenstanza's Fidertanz filly — definitely a keeper!


WunderboyWintermaske's Wamberto colt — shedding into a very elegant fellow


ReflektionWolkenstanza's Rousseau colt continues to thrill me with his uphill way


WowdaciousKabibi's Wolkentanz I colt — his name says it all — if he was black he would be long gone


Rosabella — Frolichkeit's lovely Rascalino filly — her price has been lowered, as I have too many babies — someone should snap this little girl up


I have new pictures of my older youngsters too.

Fantastica is growing into a beautiful lady. She is two years old and will be ready for work next year. She is so much like her mama Rubizza. I am thrilled with her.

Fanny head

Also developing beautifully are the 2008 geldings.

Royal Don continues to develop into a very leggy and elegant boy. His hindleg is quick and his shoulder free.

Royal Don

Hot To Trot is starting to leave his gangly side behind.

Hot to Trot


Wolkenstanza and Soliloquy went to their first breed show for 2009 this month. Stanza was shown in Materiale where she won with the incredible score of 86.2! The judge told us to lock her stall door. She then won the mare championship with an 83.5. Soliloquy won the filly championship. The judge was the very well respected Bill Solyntjes. (rev. 7/23/09)

Rubizza brought in the 4th of July festivities with a filly by Londonderry worthy of all manner of fireworks and parades. Lilyana is a tall, elegant young lady who at 28 hours of age looked more like a five day old foal. She is already people loving, coming up for scratches and hugs. See her in the picture below, and read more about Lilyana on her own page.

Lilyana 28 hours old saying hi

Lilyana 28 hours old saying hi

Wintermaske will be bred sometime the week of July 5th to Londonderry. Hoping that this breeding will be successful!

Wolkenstanza's ET breeding to Fidertanz is successful so far. She was bred a 2nd time for another ET, this time with Stedinger. We flush on July 9th — my fingers and toes are firmly crossed!

Maya reports that Dominique is proving to be quite the protégé under saddle. She raves about her quickness to learn and to please. After less than a month under saddle she is showing great balance in the trot and canter and a wonderful, happy and generous attitude. Pictures coming very soon. (rev. 7/7/09)


Leah showed Fidelio in a DHSB show in August 2009, where he won his colt class as well as the colt championship.


Wolkenstanza and Dominique were shown at the Sunshine Sporthorse breed show and breed series region finals in September. On Saturday, Wolkenstanza was shown in hand and in Materiale (seen in the two pics below), winning her mare class, the Mare Championship and Mature Horse Championship, with an astronomical score of 89.9, and an 8.6 on conformation, 9.2 for walk, 9.2 for trot and 9.5 for overall impression. In Materiale she made an 82.5 winning her class. She also won the Hanoverian class with an 87.9.

Dominique (shown below) showed in the 3 year old filly Materiale classes both days, her very first time off the farm, first show, and only under saddle since mid-summer. She won her class with 75.3 on Saturday and 73.5 on Sunday. I was so proud of her. She never put a foot wrong, learned about being ridden in a group away from home, learned about slumber parties away from home, learned about being braided and seeing lots of new stuff (including other horses behaving badly). It was a great experience for my girl!

On Sunday, Wolkenstanza continued her winning ways, winning her Materiale class once again and being named the Finals Mare Champion for the second year in a row.


I hosted my eighth Hanoverian inspection October 14th. Wolkenstanza won the MPT with a 7.66. She received an 8 for rideability, 8.5 for gaits (walk 8, trot 8.5 and canter 9). As expected she's no jumper and made a 5 and 6. So she is now an Elite mare. She really wowed the crown when she was warming up free. I have never seen her trot as huge or suspended.

Dominique passed her MPT with a 7.11, despite being asked to do things that she had never done before. She only made a 5/5 in jumping, but she made a 9 on rideability. She made an overall 7.66 in her mare inpection, making her an Elite Candidate, and I am so very proud of her.

My foals were given extremely wonderful remarks, with foal after foal being pronounced the sort of type and movement that we should be trying to produce. It was a confidence builder to see all of them move so well and it was gratifying to see how calmly and confidently they handled being in a totally new environment. For more details see here.

Wolkenstanza has won the 2009 USDF Horse of the Year Mare Award and placed 2nd in the 4-5 year old mare Materiale award, missing first place by .2 percent. This was the first year that I was able to show her at enough shows to qualify for HOY, so after years of having scores that might have given her the award, it was delightful to finally win it! She won all breeds award for Hanoverians for Materiale, so that is some consolation.


Well Worth It, a full sister to our outstanding mare Wolkenstanza has sold.

Congratulations to Adrienne Drennan of Micanopy FL on the purchase of Rosabella.

Congratulations to Jeffrey and Holly Taylor of Ohio on the purchase of Royal Don.


Fantastica has sold to a dressage home.

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