Home Again Farm News — 2008


I am so happy to report that I have been able to add a beautiful new mare to the Home Again Farm herd. Kabibi (Rubin Royal/ Donnerhall/ Akzent II/ Argentinus) has just arrived in Florida from Laura Whitford's Shadowfox Farm in Virginia. Kabibi is a simply stunningly beautiful black 2002 Oldenburg mare and I could not be more pleased with her. Plans include breeding her, keeping her under saddle for a while and presenting her to AHS this summer. Please read more about her on her page.


Kabibi went nicely to work under saddle after arriving in Florida. She needed a body shave to help with adjusting to Florida's warm weather. That left her previous black coat looking rather brown — but no matter. My trainer Maya is enjoying her energetic and willing ways.

Kabibi under saddle


The babies are coming! Rohanna presented us with a beautiful bay colt by Hotline on January 29th. He is typey, leggy and very friendly. Please read more about Hot to Trot (barn name Trotski), pictured below, on his own page.

Hot to Trot


Wolkenstanza presented us with a gorgeous black colt by Fidertanz on the 26th. Like her mama Rohanna, Stanza foaled and took her baby on as if she had done it many times before. Meet Fidelio, pictured below on his own page. (rev 2-27-08)


I went to the American Hanoverian Society yearly meeting in Lexington Ky early this month. It was wonderful to see friends made at previous meetings and to meet new ones. As always the meeting was educational, enjoyable and made me proud to be a Hanoverian breeder. I was very honored to receive a plaque that stands for the Bari Von Buedigen Perpetual Trophy. It was awarded to Wolkenstanza for being the top scoring Hanoverian mare on the 2007 inspection tour. Ballerina, another Home Again Farm homebred, was awarded 2nd place for the Hartwig prize, a perpetual trophy that goes to the 3 or 4 year old mare that has the highest combined inspection and mare performance test score of the year. (rev 2-15-08)

The 2006 babies are becoming quite big and beginning to look lie horses. Rohanna's Don Schufro filly is hard to tell from the mares without looking twice. She has been renamed yet again. This time, the name really fits what she is becoming. Meet Dominique below. Only one more year to wait for Maya to start her.



Home Again Farm is home to more critters than horses. We have a sweet little dog named Bootsie who has been a large part of our lives since we got her at Christmas time in 2001. She is a rescue puppy of who knows what lineage and has not had the easiest of lives, coming to us very shy and worried from abuse as a tiny puppy. She is a smart, sweet and spunky little girl and is thoroughly adored by her humans and her co-dog Pepper the Labrador. Bootsie has suffered from bad hips for a long while and blew out her knee late this month. Her knee surgery has been the reason for my neglect of the website of late. Please wish her a quick recovery, so that I can give you more details on the babies and mares!

Bootsie our little dog

Diva presented us with a tall, fancy bay colt by Royal Prince on March 5th. That was also the day that Bootsie went in for her surgery, so this little boy's birth went unannounced for all too long. Meet Royal Don on his own page.

Royal Don


Breeding season has started. Rohanna is in foal to Wolkentanz I for a full sibling to Wolkenstanza. EM Wintermaske is in foal to Wamberto, winner of the 2007 100 Day Test. Wolkenstanza has been bred to Wamberto's sire Rousseau and we will flush her for an embryo in a week. Frolichkeit has been bred to Dancier (DeNiro/ Lancier).

The boys born this year just get better and better. Check out new pictures of Hot to Trot, Fidelio and Royal Don. (rev. 4/13/08)

Two of the mares with their 2008 foals

Wolkenstanza and Diva at play with their colts

Rohanna and Frolichkeit posing with their babies

Rohanna and Frolichkeit posing with their babies


New pictures are up of this year's colts - Hot to Trot, Fidelio, and Royal Don - and of Flamboyant. Enjoy!

What a breeding season this has been! I can hardly believe my luck. As of May 27th I have seven foals coming for 2009. They are:

Rubizza is due any day with her Fabuleux foal. I hope to breed her back to Londonderry.

EM Diva is in foal to Blue Hors Romanov and the foal will be owned by the person leasing her. (rev. 5/27/08)

I have new pictures of Rohanna's second foal — all grown up and preparing for the show ring with her owner Elaine Lash. Read more about Weltspring on her page.



Rubizza had a big, strong and powerful colt June 11th. He sold as a weanling. Rubi was bred back to Londonderry for 2009. This will be a new and exciting cross for this wonderful mare. See Rubi below, looking great in foal with her eighth offspring. Below that is her Fabuleux colt at three months of age.

Rubizza still so strong and powerful

Rubizza still so strong and powerfulphoto Reg Corkum

Rubi's new colt by Fabuleux has the same sort of power as mama

Rubi's 2008 colt

photo Reg Corkum


Many of the foals from this year have been weaned. Wolkenstanza has gone back into training with Maya, aiming for showing next year in dressage.

This has been an incredibly good year, but this month brought great sorrow to our house. My dearly loved twelve year old Labrador had to be euthanized this month. Lung cancer had made her days miserable and I could not ask her to go on to keep me company. Pepper was a huge part of my life since 1997. She adored the baby horses and was my constant companion. She was happy, people loving and smart as a dog came, with a vocabulary larger than most human's, especially when it came to words describing food or possibilities for adventure. She will be missed horribly.

Pepper young and healthy with me at the barn

Pepper young and healthy with me at the barn

Pepper ready to go

Pepper ready to go

Pepper showing some grey hairs, but still enjoying life

Pepper showing some grey hairs, but still enjoying life

The hole my sweet Pepper left in our lives here at the farm was too big not to try to stop up. Meet our new member of the family, Trixie, who is bringing back laughter and joy to me, my family and our Bootsie's life.

Trixie sampling the flower seeds — a Lab has to eat, you know

Trixie sampling the flower seeds — a Lab has to eat, you know

Trixie under Bootsie's wing — best buddies already

Trixie under Bootsie's wing — best buddies already


Reg Corkum was in town recently and did many new pictures of my horses. Check out pics of Wolkenstanza, Kabibi, EM Diva, Rubizza, Flamboyant, Fantastica, Hot to Trot, Royal Don, Soliloquy, Fidelio and Rubi's 2008 colt on their pages.

Wintermaske's 2006 filly Soliloquy has been being shown in hand with great success. At the SSHA breed show Soliloquy was champion filly and champion young horse on both days of the show with two separate judges. She shows so much power, elegance and potential inhand that we can hardly wait to see her under saddle in the next year!

Soliloquy inhand

photo Reg Corkum

Later in September Soliloquy and Wolkenstanza traveled to Georgia for a two day qualifier breed show as well as the SE Regional Championships. It was quite a weekend, to say the least! Saturday Jos Sevriens was judge. Wolkenstanza won her broodmare class, the mare championship and mature horse championship. Soliloquy won her filly class, filly championship and the young horse championship. Soliloquy was Grand Champion and Wolkenstanza was reserve Grand Champion for the day. Soliloquy won the AHS IBC with an 85%+ and Wolkenstanza came in second with something over 80%. Lily ended up high score Hanoverian for that day.

Wolkenstanza and Soliloquy comparing ribbonsphoto Alicia Frese

Wolkenstanza and Soliloquy comparing rosettes

Sunday Barbara Richardson was judge. For her broodmare class, Wolkenstanza came in and stood like a statue (which she always does), then showed very well in walk and trot. She won her mare class with an 80%+, then the mare championship and Mature Horse championship, and then was grand Champion. Stanza ended up high score Hanoverian for that day.

Then the judges co-judged the Regional Championships. We were nervous as cats to see how Lily would show in this most important class, as she had been quite tense earlier in the day. This time she showed a lovely walk that moved thru her whole body and a gorgeous trot with uphill balance and real power from the hindleg. She won the filly championship and we were ecstatic.

There were only 3 mares in the mare Championships, but they were all high class horses - Stanza, Eau Claire (Andras Szieberth's 5 year old homebred by Lotus T who is a big framed and very powerful mare and one of my favorites on our area circuit), and Wolisa a lovely Dutch mare. Stanza showed really well once again. When the dust cleared, Stanza was 1st, Wolisa 2nd and Eau Claire 3rd.

Stanza winning her Mare class in Georgiaphoto Alicia Frese

Wolkenstanza showing off her winning trot

None of this would have happened without great handlers. Sterling Graburn handled both Stanza and Lily through 18 classes/championships, and he got more from Lily than any of us knew was in there.

The show was well run, had a wonderfully friendly and helpful staff and our fellow competitors were just superb folks. As usual, I didn't manage to get my own horse out to enough shows to count for year end awards, but Soliloquy will be in the running.

I had one weird/ eerie goose-pimply part of the whole weekend. Both days when Stanza was winning the biggest prize of the day, they were playing "I Just Called to Say I Love You" in the background. Years ago I used to sing that to my dearly loved and missed first Hanoverian Gipetto when I'd clean his stall. It was sort of our song (sorry to be so sickly sweet, but it is what it is). It seemed kind of amazing Saturday, but when it happened a second time Sunday, I got goosebumps. I felt like my Geepers was saying, "Good job, Mom".

Wolkenstanza and Kabibi are doing well with my trainer Maya Sniadecky. Reg Corkum did a photoshoot with Maya. See the girls below.

Stanza back at work

photo Reg Corkum

Wolkenstanza above and below

photo Reg Corkum

photo Reg Corkum

Kabibi above and below

photo Reg Corkum


I hosted another AHS inspection this year. Kabibi was inspected and enrolled into the Min Studbook. EM Diva's Royal Prince colt was named top colt. Please see details here.


Soliloquy ended up third in the nation for DSHB and for all breeds award for Hanoverians. See her below showing her outstanding movement and type.

Soliloquy trot

photos Alicia Frese


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