Home Again Farm News — 2007


We had the opportunity to buy one of our former broodmares back from her owner. Frolichkeit rejoins the mare herd this year. She will be bred to Rascalino for a 2008 foal. Frolic is a beautiful redhead with superb bloodlines and we are tickled to have her home.

A fellow breeder offered us her lovely Donnerhall mare when she decided to retire from breeding. Dessin RA (Donnerhall/ Graphit) will arrive in Florida early in February. Dessi is a lovely bay mare who has had two beautiful foals and has also had extensive dressage training. She will be bred to Blue Hors Romanov this spring for a 2008 foal.

Dessin RA is shown with her 2006 colt by Samarant. We thank Sonia Hoglund for the opportunity to have Dessi in our mare herd and can hardly wait to see what she produces for us.

Dessin RA

Picture by 6LB Photography

Our lovely mare Frolichkeit who has come Home Again. Pun intended.


Photo by Sherry Smith

Wolkenstanza has gone to our trainer's to be started under saddle. She is quite mature for a three year old and we can hardly wait to see her under saddle. Below she is pictured right before she left for the trainer's, playing with her yearling buddies.



Wolkenstanza has been started under saddle by our superb young horse trainer Maya Sniadecky. After just six weeks with Maya, Stanza is being ridden off the longe at walk, trot and saddle and showing the willingness, gaits and rideability that we would expect from a daughter of Rohanna. Stanza has also been bred to Fidertanz for a 2008 foal. Upcoming plans for her include her mare inspection in August and then time off to have her baby. I hope to put her back in serious work when she that foal has been weaned. This little girl deserves to do some showing! See her below and lots more on her own page.

Longe training


Stanza saddle

Stanza trot

Stanza Canter


Wintermaske has presented us with a wonderful black colt by Stedinger. Born May 3rd, Scorpio is leggy and very modern, with a beautiful head, correct conformation, superb gaits. He also is endowed with Wintermaske's abundant chrome. He is for sale, with special terms to a show home with an experienced young horse trainer. See him below and on his own page for lots more pictures.


Rubizza gave us a very long awaited foal May 22nd. This was her first baby since 2003 and another filly! We could not be happier with this long legged and sweet filly by Fabuleux. Her name will be Fantastica and she will most probably be a keeper. See her at a day old below.


Wolkenstanza mildly sprained a tendon while insisting on rolling into the fence at my trainer's farm. According to her the large paddock had only one good rolling spot — right next to the board fence and even hot wire could not deter the silly girl. She is in stall rest and we hope to manage to present her for inspection in August. Thanks to her great brain, she is taking all in stride and is handling the stall rest amazingly well. We expect a full recovery and are taking no chances with this beauty!


The breeding year is well under way for us. Rohanna is in foal to Hotline for an late February 2008 foal. EM Diva is in foal to Royal Prince for a mid March 2008 foal. Wolkenstanza has been confirmed in foal for a mid March foal by Fidertanz.

EM Wintermaske is taking the year off from being a mama. Dessin RA has also not become pregnant, despite monumental efforts. She has gone to live with my best friend Lani Kirk, where she will be her riding horse and be loved and spoiled and fussed over.


Weltdancer (Weltmeyer/ Rohdiamant), Rohanna's first foal, is now owned by Jessica Morgan who has started her well in her dressage career, as well as preparing her beautifully for inspection. Jessie successfully guided Dancer through her Mare Performance Test and mare inspection in Rhode Island this month, taking the sash for Champion of the MPT and Champion Hanoverian Mare, with the dream scores of 7.83 (inspection) and 7.72 (MPT). Since then they have been winning in their first dressage shows with scores as high as 77%! Kudos to Jessica for giving Dancer such a grand start! Stay tuned.

Weltdancer at her mare inspection trotting free

Weltdancer at her mare inspection trotting free and in the jumping chute

Weltdancer at her mare inspection in the jump chute


I hosted my sixth AHS inspection on August 29th. Our judges were Karin Himmelmayer and Meg Williams. Please see the inspection report for a full summary, and her I will just briefly hit the high points for my own horses.

The highlight of the day for me was Wolkenstanza's inspection. Stanza is Rohanna's third filly, a 2004 model by Wolkentanz I. She had injured a hindleg in May playing in the fence at my trainer's farm and had been in stall rest until only two weeks before the inspection. Happily, this setback did not stop our Stanza from shining. Her overall score was an 8.5, which the judging committee pointed out was the highest score given by AHS in fifteen years. I have believed in this particular filly since she was tiny and having my beliefs bolstered is truly a joy. Stanza is in foal to Fidertanz. After foaling and weaning, this talented young lady will be aimed toward the Five Year Old FEI Young Horse Test and beyond.

Photo credits: Alicia Frese Photography

Stanza being judged

Wolkenstanza being judged as a three year old at her American Hanoverian Society inspection

Stanza trotting in hand

Showing off the trot that scored a 9 in hand without being turned loose

Stanza a winner

The look that made me always believe that this daughter of Rohanna was special!

Our beloved Ballerina has grown up and did a lovely job in her inspection and her mare performance test. She passed the MPT with the great score of 7.38 and an 8.5 in rideability after only about 60 days under saddle! Her inspection score of 7.5 was plenty to make her an Elite Mare Candidate. Looking back to 2004 and her orphan days, who would have expected her to come so far? Kudos to Maya Sniadecky who did her usual fantastic job of training her and presenting her for the MPT and congratulations to her owner.

Ballerina under saddle

Photo credits: Alicia Frese Photography

Ballerina showing the rideability that earned her an 8.5 after only 60 days training


Wolkenstanza continues to amaze me — and delightfully so. She went to her first DSHB show this month (actually two shows on one weekend) at Pennock Point Sporthorses. One the first day she was judged by Kristi Wysocki in the 2004 fillies class, where she received a fabulous score of 83.5%, winning by a wide margin. She then went on to beat the colts to win the Young Horse Championship. Worth mentioning were her individual scores of 8.5 for walk and general impression and 8.7 for trot. Later in the day, she won her Hanoverian class with another fantastic score of 82.9%. The following day, with judge Carter Bass, Wolkenstanza repeated wins in the 2004 fillies class (80.9%) and once again won the filly championship and young horse championship. Next stop will be the Regional Finals October 20th! Pictures from this show soon.


Wolkenstanza and Sterling winning at the 2007 DSHB  Championships

Photo credits: wncphoto.com

Wolkenstanza went to the GAIG/USDF Breeders Championships DSHB SE Series Final October 20th. She had qualified for the Fillies Final in September. The judges were Lilo Fore and Hilda Gurney of California. The fillies class was the biggest of the finals with nine really high quality fillies. Stanza did it again, this time winning with the highest scores yet — an average of 83.95! See her with her handler Sterling Graburn above.

Judge Fore gave her an 84.6 % and Gurney an 83.3%. Fore gave her an 8 for conformation, 8.5 for walk, 8.8 for trot and 8.7 for overall impression. Gurney gave her 8.2 for conformation, 8.6 for walk, 8.2 for trot and 8.3 for overall impression. Wow!!


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