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Rohanna went to her first dressage show this month. She showed the first week in January. Because she had had a nearly four year break from work while being a mama mare, we did not ask too much from her. She showed in Training Level Tests 3 and 4 and First Level Test 1. She won all her classes with high scores — 68+ and 69+ percentiles in training level and 65+% in first level. See her pictures below.


Rohanna (above and below)at her first dressage show in January 2005, after taking off three years to give us three beautiful fillies. Roh took back to the saddle with her usual attitude of willingness and generosity. Our trainer Maya, as always, has done such a lovely job bringing her back slowly and carefully. Rohanna won all three of her classes with scores from 65-69%. We will continue her training and showing until she finds the perfect new owner.



Rohanna and her trainer Maya Sniadecky recently had an opportunity to work with dressage trainer Annie Morris. Our favorite photographer Reg Corkum came along and took some wonderful pictures of their session. See four of them below.

Photo credits Reg Corkum





Breeding plans for 2005

We are finalizing breeding plans for the ladies for the upcoming season. We will be breeding EM Wintermaske for the first time conventionally and look forward to what this beautiful young mare will produce. We have selected the Oldenburg stallion Stedinger (Sandro Hit / Landadel) for her. He has excellent scores and has had two outstanding foal crops that had especially elegant, typey and charming babies from a variety of mares. These two should yield a leggy, dark, athletic foal, with chrome as icing on the cake.


Wintermaske's mama Rubizza will be bred to Stedinger's sensational father, Sandro Hit (Sandro Song / Ramino / Welt As). Sandro Hit is a highly sought after sire whose offspring are beginning to prove their sire's prepotency in dark color and brilliance under saddle. We attempted this breeding two years ago and are hoping that the breeding gods will look on Rubizza with more kindness this year.

Sandro Hit Sandro Hit

We hope to breed both EM Donatella and SPS Blanche A after their 2005 foals arrive. We have bought semen from two new Celle stallions by Rotspon and have not yet decided which stallion will be bred to each of these two mares. We are leaning towards breeding Donnatella to Rascalino (Rotspon / Velten Third / World Cup III) and Blanche to Royal Blend (Rotspon / Lauries Crusader xx / Grande), but time will tell. We may end up tossing a coin. See pics of these boys below. We will be putting up detailed pages on them all soon.

Rascalino Rascalino

Royal Blend Royal Blend


Rohanna continues to win and score well at dressage shows. This month she showed again and won both her classes (Training 4 and First 1) with scores over 70%.

I was given the opportunity to buy back Rohanna's 2004 filly Wolkenstanza and jumped at it. I look forward to watching this sweet tempered, stunning mover mature and start under saddle in a few years. She is without a doubt one of the best we have bred.


Rubizza is at Judy Yancey's farm to be bred to Sandro Hit. Judy is a genius at breeding problem mares, and I feel we have our best chance to get a pregnancy after two barren years with this arrangement. Keep your fingers crossed for success! See the gorgeous papa to be below.

Sandro Hit

Don Schufro Don Schufro

As ever, I find myself revising plans as I study my horses and weigh various possibilities. After watching Rohanna progress under saddle and seeing her latest filly grow from a weanling to a simply gorgeous yearling, I have come to the conclusion that selling this mare would be the heighth of stupidity. Instead, she will be bred to a stallion that suits her type and talents — Don Schufro.


Donatella gave us a beautiful dark bay colt on a lovely May afternoon. All looked perfect all that day and through many night checks. The following morning I discovered Dona cast in her stall in agony. My vet was on hand within 30 minutes and we spent the next 40 minutes stabilizing her enough to get on the road to the vet school. In surgery that morning she died from a twisted colon. I was able to get a nurse mare to raise the baby and he has thrived. Losing Donatella was one of the hardest things I have ever lived through. I have named her little orphan colt Remembranz.

Remembranz with his foster mother Madonna

Little Remembranz (Resonanz / Donnerschlag/ Wenzel) with his nurse mama Madonna


This hard year just gets harder. Blanche gave us a lovely Fabuleux filly June 13th. Fabulessa was tall, leggy, very sweet, with a gorgeous canter. We lost her very suddenly to a sudden and undetermined central nervous system trauma on July 8th. I feel as though I have been hit by a Mack truck and left bleeding.


After the sorrow of losing Donatella in May and Blanche's little filly in June, we are picking ourselves up and trying to move on. What better way to find renewal than with a new young mare? Please meet SPA Diva on her own page. We thank Kareen Heineking for trusting us with this stunning young mare by Donnerhall out of a superb mother. As icing on the cake, Diva is in foal to Florencio (Florestan / Weltmeyer), the two time FEI Young Horse World Champion.


Diva, our lovely new mare — a 2003 Donnerhall daughter in foal to Florencio

Diva jumping


Rohanna is in foal to Don Schufro. Wintermaske is in foal to Stedinger. Our new mare Diva is in foal to Florencio. Rubizza produced a Sandro Hit embryo for an embryo transfer that very unfortunately was lost sometime after 60 days. But even with that loss, we hope to have some exciting foals expected for 2006!

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