Home Again Farm — 2004 News


The mares are starting to look round and obviously pregnant.


Patti Thompson has been working Wintermaske and Wruffles with Felicitas Von Neumann-Cosel. She reports that both are doing very well and that Felicitas has been a tremendous help.

We are finalizing breeding plans for 2005 foals. Some of it is too exciting to even speculate about until we know if we will succeed with our plans. Stay tuned!


Rohanna gave birth to her third foal and third filly, Wolkenstanza, Wednesday, March 23rd at 10:30 PM.

Rohanna is huge with child. I suspect that she will foal at her usual 325 days or less, making a late March foal very likely. Blanche, on the other hand, is obviously going to make us wait to see her Regazzoni baby. She shows no signs of hurrying, so we expect her to foal in her usual 350—355 day range.

We have finalized our breeding plans for next year's foals. If you aren't sitting down, you'd better do so before reading on. We will attempt breedings that will give us five foals next year.

First, we will do an embryo transfer with Weltbekannt for Rubizza. That would give us our fifth foal of the particular cross — one that has proven no less than a golden one in all the other breedings.

Next we will breed Rubizza (in a normal breeding where she will carry the foal) to His Highness. We asked and got the go ahead to breed her as well as Blanche to this amazing young stallion. We can hardly wait to see what those crosses will yield!! Obviously, we will have to wait for Blanche to foal before breeding her to His Highness.

We will try another embryo transfer for Wintermaske. This year we will use the new stallion Fabuleux. That should be a very exciting combination. I'm waiting for Winter to decide that it is spring up north, but will start the breeding as soon as she seems ready.

Last, we will breed Rohanna to Suzanne Quarles newest stallion Nocturno. I think that his legginess and wonderful canter and lovely temperament should cross well with our sweet and pretty Rohanna.

With such a varied and outstanding line up of stallion papas, we are about to burst with excitement over these plans for the breeding season. Stay tuned!


Blanche has produced a beautiful, tall chestnut colt by Regazzoni. Born at 9:30 AM on April 17th, he is the tallest foal we have ever had, as well as one of the sweetest. She carried him for 357 days, and we were worn out by waiting, but Rokstarr was certainly worth all the anticipation.

Rohanna has been bred to Nocturno for a 2005 foal. We should know within days whether she is pregnant.

We have had to abandon out ET plans for Rubizza. She was taking too long in transition, so we will breed her as soon as possible for a regular breeding to His Highness.

We have also scrapped ET plans for Wintermaske for 2004. Her training plans prevent the breeding, but we hope to do it in 2005.


Wintermaske's embryo transfer foal by Bugatti Hilltop was born May 17th. We are thrilled with this beautiful black filly that looks so much like her mother. We have named her Ballerina. She had a very rough start to her life, first being rejected by her surrogate mother and then overcoming pneumonia. We are so happy that by the end of May she was getting stronger. Visit her on her own page.


We have bred the mares back, beginning with SPS Blanche A to His Highness. Unfortunately, that breeding was not successful. Now we will try Blanche with Fabuleux. We have our fingers crossed and hoping for the best. That should be a wonderful cross! Stay tuned.

We will know about the other two breedings by June 17th. Wish us luck for a His Highness pregnancy for Rubizza and a Nocturno pregnancy for Rohanna!


Our breeding plans had very mixed results this year. Blanche is pregnant to Fabuleux for a June 2005 foal.

Rubizza failed to conceive after being bred to His Highness, and later to Don Schufro. We are in a blue funk over losing another year with this exceptional mare.

Rohanna is taking a year off from motherhood after producing three wonderful daughters in as many years. As she is just a six year old, she will go back under saddle for now and be bred in spring 2005.


We are thrilled to have a new mare — Elite Mare Donatella (Donnerschlag/ Wenzel/ Domspatz). We purchased Donatella from well respected breeder Laura Whitford of Shadow Fox Farm in Virginia. See Donatella's own page for details. She is bred to Resonanz for 2005.

We are about to enter a whole new chapter with our mare Wintermaske. Our arrangement to sell Winter did not work out, and she is once again entirely our own. We owe a debt of gratitude to Patti Thompson for giving Winter the very best of care and training while she was in Pennsylvania.

September 2004 will bring a change, with Winter living at Suzanne Quarles' Some Day Soon Farm and working under the tutelage of trainer Fred Weber, who also trains and shows Winter's father Weltbekannt as well as other SDS horses. This offers us the best of both worlds — a way to further Winter's training while also breeding her via embryo transfer. Stay tuned.

Royal Destinie went to her AHS mare inspection at Hilltop Farm. Despite being so excited that she refused to show a flat footed walk, she scored a 6.9 and was asked to come back next year to try for a 7 to make her Elite eligible. Royal is the picture of her mama Destinie, and she and her owner Amy seem made for one another.

Royal Destinie

The foals from this year have been weaned. All are thriving, and our little orphan Ballerina is finally learning how to be a horse.


Rohanna has gone back under saddle with our trainer, Maya Sniadecky. Roh went back to work as if she had not had any time off, showing her former willingness to please and talent. She will stay with Maya and show a bit in dressage before being sold. See her working after four weeks back under sadle below.

Rohanna back under saddle


The 2004 foals have been branded. All are developing beautifully, learning a lot, and so much fun to work with. Blanche's colt Rokstarr will be heading to North Carolina late this month. We can hardly wait for him to grow up enbough to make us all very proud. Owner Elizabeth O'Donnell already has plans far into the future for this handsome boy. See him below on the right at six months of age.

Rokstarr at 6 months


Wintermaske has returned home. We just could not see the wisdom in not breeding this very talented mare in the hopes of foals that share her quality of gaits, temperament and pizazz. Stay tuned.

Blanche and Donatella are well in foal. We can hardly wait for their foals, due in June and May.

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