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We have made our breeding plans for 2003, and are very excited about breeding all four of our mares to stallions that we have not used in the past. We will be in new territory that we hope yield sensational results. Our choices are:

Sandro Hit

For Rubi — Sandro Hit
Sandro Song/Ramino/Welt As


For RohannaWolkentanz


For BlancheRegazzoni
Rubinstein I/Werther/Dagobert


For WintermaskeBugatti Hilltop
Bergamon/ Rubinstein I/ Donnerhall

We will be posting more info about these stallions on the Papas page very soon. Stay tuned!


Wintermaske has been to three dressage shows since January 1st, and is undefeated at Second Level Tests 3 and 4. Her scores were all in the 65-70% range. She has also scored well in the FEI Five Year Old Young Horse test, making two scores that are high enough to qualify her for the regional qualifier. We have two more shows to go before being done with the very intense dressage show season here in Florida. See a couple of photos from the last show below.

Then, we switch gears to breeding mode, hoping to get an embryo transfer foal from Winter, while keeping her in training. Stay tuned!

Winter medium trot

Photo Suzanne Sturgill

Wintermaske and Maya at Venice in February

A nice renvers

Photo Suzanne Sturgill


Wintermaske ended up her show season with seven wins out of eight Second Level Test 3 and 4 classes, and a very high median score. We are now switching gears and getting her ready for an embryo transfer breeding to the gorgeous young stallion Bugatti Hilltop (Bergamon/ Rubinstein I/ Donnerhall).

Rubizza and Rohanna have both produced beautiful, healthy and correct fillies. We hope to rebreed these ladies very soon. Rubi will be bred to Sandro Hit and Rohanna will be bred to Wolkentanz.

Blanche has been bred to Regazzoni and we will know the outcome by mid May. Stay tuned for the results!


Destinie went to her first show in Texas this month. Sari and her trainer Renee had only wanted Des to have a wonderful, relaxed experience her first time out. Destinie had other plans. She floated around the showgrounds attracting much attention and many inquiries, including offers to buy her that had to be firmly rebuffed! She won both her tests with scores in the middle 70's. We are so pleased for Sari and so proud of our sweet and beautiful Destinie!

Des at her first show -- Knocking them dead!

Des at her first show -- Knocking them dead!

All of the mares have been bred. Blanche is in foal to Regazzoni for a mid-April 2004 foal. Rohanna is in foal to Wolkentanz, and that foal is expected late in March or early April. Wintermaske was bred to Bugatti Hilltop May 12th. On the 19th we recovered one beautiful, sparkling embryo and Dr. Jose DaVila transferred it to a recipient mare. We should know on the 26th of May if that looks like it will be successful. Rubizza was bred at home May 21st to Sandro Hit. As usual, Rubi did her part perfectly, ovulating minutes before being bred. The semen looked excellent, so we are hoping to be able to report a pregnancy early in June. Please keep your fingers crossed for us regarding Wintermaske and her mama Rubizza!

We recently learned that one of our homebred fillies that was sold in 2002 is for sale. Royal Destinie has just turned two. She is a little over 16 hands tall and is as beautiful, charasmatic, clever and fancy as we expected her to be. See more about her on the sales page and contact me for her owner's contact information.


On June 6th, Blanche, Rubizza and Rohanna checked out in foal. Unfortunately, the recipient mare lost Winter's embryo. We will try again one more time this season for an ET from Winter by Bugatti Hilltop.

In late June Winter was bred again to Bugatti. She double ovulated, so we have a chance of getting twins for two ETs. Yikes, I may be a very busy woman next spring.


July has brought us good news and bad news.

Wintermaske produced two embryos when she was flushed this time. At first both embryos were hanging on in the recipient mares. However now we have only one left. Please send us good vibes for successfully bringing that one to life next spring. Winter is very obviously happy to be back to work and done with the Mama thing! The idea of two Bugatti foals from Winter next season was a very enticing one. Now we will find one to be quite enough of a thrill!

We did the 60 day pregnancy checks for the regular breedings and Rohanna and Blanche are still safely in foal. Very sadly, Rubizza lost her Sandro Hit embryo sometime between 30 and 60 days. Rubi has been such a wonderful broodmare that this comes as quite a shock. Perhaps she just needs to take a year off. She certainly deserves one! On the bright side, we may attempt an ET with her next season. Maybe a Weltbekannt for her to carry and a Don Schufro for a recipient mare. That could be quite exciting!

Weltspring, Rohanna's strapping bay Weltmeyer filly, has been sold to Petra Wilder, a professional dressage trainer who also is a good friend of ours. She is quite thrilled with Weltspring, and we are very pleased that this big, beautiful filly will have a great home where she can be developed to the fullest.

Both Weltspring and Welcome Home are growing like weeds and becoming very beautiful young ladies. See new pics of them below and on their pages.

Weltspring 3 months

Weltspring at almost four months

Ellie three months

Welcome Home (Ellie) at about three months


I know how much of a shock it will come to my good friends, but I finally decided to sell Wintermaske to a home where I knew she would excell as a performance mare and also be in very familiar, trusted hands. Over the last year it has become more and more obvious to me that Winter was meant for the dressage arena rather than my broodmare herd. I have the best of both worlds for her now — a home with my dear friend Patti Thompson, which will allow Winter to be brought up the training ladder, while also letting me continue to get embryos from her for transfer.

Patti Thompson was her handler when Winter was presented as a foal at our 1998 Hanoverian inspection. Patti was with me the next week when a very sick and injured Winter and her Mama were taken to the vet school. Patti kept me going, handed me kleenex, and helped me make certain that the procedures used in Winter's care were only for the good and never likely to cause harm. I owe her a lot as a friend, and I know that at any moment of Winter's life she would have snapped Winter up for her own if I ever hinted that she might be for sale. No one has wanted this young lady more or longer than Patti has.

So — Wintermaske is now in Pennsylvania with Patti, and her little sisters Wonderful World (Wruffles) and Waltz with Me (Angel). I guess you might say that Patti has cornered the market on Weltbekannt / Rubizza babies! She is working regularly with a very knowledgeable trainer, who has been lavish in his compliments for Wruffles, saying that he feels that she has world class FEI potential. He was not prepared to think that lightning might strike twice, that a full sister might also have such potential. However, Wintermaske has every intention of showing that when Rubizza and Weltbekannt are involved in a tryst, lightning is the norm rather than the exception.

I apologize to everyone else who has ever wanted Wintermaske for their own. If I could have cloned her, I would have given the first clone to my trainer and dear friend Maya Sniadecky, who put two years amd much love and tact into Winter's training. Another would have gone to Wolfgang Scherzer, who has assisted with Winter's education in so many clinics here at the farm. He loved her as a tiny baby, and even more as a mature mare. Other clones would have gone to other friends. Sadly I could not do that. So I chose to put Winter in a home with a trusted friend who is working toward the FEI with an excellent trainer and who will also allow me to keep Winter in my mare herd via ET. And who will hug her and pamper her and feed her peppermints, and who fully understands the Rubizza daughters — divas every one.

More details later.

Destinie and her Mom have moved from Texas to the San Diego, CA area. Sari reports that Des took the trip well and has settled in at a wonderful, small training barn run by the best sort of horse people. We look forward to many future updates regarding our pretty and sweet Des.

Ellie and Spring were weaned and have gone to live at Petra Wilder's farm. Petra will keep them together until Ellie is big enough to co–exist with the big horses at her mom Inslee Baldwin's farm. Both little girls are growing and learning lots of wonderful things. We hope to have them back for a visit at the October 14th AHS inspection.


Wintermaske went to a big mare show this month. Conducted by the Mid Atlantic Hanoverian Breeders Club, the show was held in Leesburg, VA. Judging were George Walker, NC, and Axel Brockmann of the Hanoverian Verband. Winter won all her mare classes both in hand and under saddle. This is a very high quality competition and I had merely hoped that Winter would be in the running for some of it. We are elated that she did not only well but fabulously. Dr. Brockmann was very complimentary and seemed to think that she is very special. This was also the first time that our friend Suzanne Quarles, who sold me Winter's mama Rubizza and who owns her papa Weltbekannt, has seen Wintermaske. Pictured below is Winter's stuffed mascot with the loot. Soon we will post more pics of the princess herself.

Winter's loot

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