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Wintermaske went to her first dressage show the first weekend in the month. Maya Sniadecky showed her in Training Level Tests 1 through 3. Winter took to the show scene like a duck taking to water. She was laid back and relaxed when she was not performing, and "on" when she went into the ring. She wore her blankets and sheets like an adult, making nary a tear or even a stain! Her braids stayed in unrubbed and immaculate from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon. She showed under three different judges, scoring a 70% from Fran Dearing, a 72.7% from Hilda Gurney, and a 75.4% from Charlotte Trentelman. I do not know when I have seen so many 8's and even 9's on a first set of tests. Not bad for a coming four year old at her first show under saddle!

Winter has shown her aptitude for performance so well that we will not breed her this year. Instead, she will remain under saddle until next spring.


Wintermaske showed again, this time adding a first level test to her repertoire. She won First level Test 1 with a great score of 70%, and making 8's on her trot lengthenings. The show was cold and flooded on Saturday – real horse show weather!!


Rohanna presented us with a gorgeous black filly by Weltmeyer at 7AM March 6th. Read about the filly on Weltdancer's page.


Rubizza presented us with her fourth filly and third Weltbekannt daughter on April 28th. See Waltz With Me, aka Angel, on her page.

Congratulations to Joyce Mitchell, who has added three of our fillies to what will be a fabulous mare herd at Square Halt Farm in western Pennsylvania. Wisteria, Weltdancer and Royal Destinie will be great additions to her breeding farm. We look forward to posting frequent updates on their progress!


Rohanna is in foal to Weltmeyer and Rubizza to Weltbekannt again for April 2003.


Destinie has been sold to Sari Jokitulppo, of Texas, who plans to make her her partner for life. We are thrilled that our sweet Des has found such a loving, kind person to be her owner. We are hoping for frequent updates from Sari on her life with Des.


Wintermaske went to a small breed show at Canterbury August 17th. She was named Mare Champion and has qualified for the November USDF Sporthorse Regional Championship show. She continues in training under saddle, and is showing great aptitude for lateral work and collection. We hope to breed her via embryo transfer next season and have started our research for the right stallion. Stay tuned. Below is a picture from last year's Championship, when Winter won the Young Horse Championship and the Shadow Perpetual Trophy.

Winter winning the Shadow Award in Novemeber 2002

Photo Lori Harrison

The babies Weltdancer and Waltz with Me have been weaned. Mamas Rubi and Rohanna are blissfully enjoying their solitary, carefree time minus babes. The babies have hardly noticed that Mamas are not right at hand. The babies will head to their new homes in PA early in October. Below are two pics of the Mamas in earlier days.

Rohanna winning her Materiale class at last November's Championship Breed Show. Who would know she was seven months pregnant?

Rohanna winning Materiale 3 yr filly class

Photo Lori Harrison

And Rubi, when she was just turning three. Did her trainer think she needed those racing silks??

Rubi as an almost three year old


Wonderful World sent pictures of herself and her person, Patti Thompson, from Pennsylvania. See her below under saddle at three and a half. She has always had a sensational hindleg!

Wruffles under saddle

Wintermaske continues to score highly and collect rosettes at breed shows. At the September 14th Sunshine Sporthorse Association breed show, she won her Mare class, the Mare Championship, the Hanoverian class and the Four Year Old Materiale Class. Her scores ranged from 79.5 to the mid 80's. She particularly stood out in her under saddle class, where she showed brilliant gaits, excellent balance, as well as poise. Our next major outing will be the SE Regional Championships to be held in early November. Stay tuned!

Winter Materiale

Winter and Maya on their way to winning Materiale at September 14th show

Photo Reg Corkum

Winter Mare Champion

Photo Reg Corkum

Winter showing of the Mare Championship ribbon at the September 14th show


Blanche A was the top scoring mare at a recent mare show in Canada that was held at a big Hanoverian inspection. There were twenty-five mares of very good quality competing with Blanche. Dr. Christmann awarded Blanche the 1a rosette, stating that the Champion at this show was an obvious choice. Blanche should finally come home to us in late September. We will take her to some breed shows as well as dressage shows, before breeding her next spring. Stay tuned for more news and new pictures after she arrives!


We hosted our third AHS inspection at the farm October 16th. Read all about it on the Inspection page.


We took Wintermaske to the Sunshine Classic, the USDF/DSHB Breeder Series Championship, on November 9–10th. She ended up winning every single class and championship in which she competed, from her Mare class and Hanoverian class, to the Mare Championship, Mature Horse Championship, and Grand Champion of the Saturday show, as well as Under Saddle Champion for that day. It was a grueling day, with Winter competing repeatedly through a very long day, being called back again and again to the ring. When we started to saddle her for her 5PM ride off for Under Saddle Champion, she looked at us with utter disbelief, but went to the ring willingly. When she stepped across the threshhold and saw five stallions and a fancy gelding as her competition, she puffed up and rose to the occasion, winning the class very handily against some very fine fellows.

Winter winning a big Materiale class against the boys!

Photo Reg Corkum

On Sunday we wondered if she would have the energy to compete well in the Series Championship classes. Many horses in those classes would be fresh as daisies, having not shown on Saturday. We should have had no doubts. Winter seems to have learned her job as a show horse. She knows when to rest and knows when to strut her very considerable stuff. When the day was over, she had won the Series Mare Championship, Mature Horse Championship and the special SSHA Under Saddle Series Mare Championship. She also won some special awards, including the American Hanoverian High Score and the SSHA Series Performance Grand Championship, for the top scoring horse that competed in hand as well as under saddle.

Winter winning Dragon's Lair Trophy for CH Mature Horse

Photo Reg Corkum

We are so very proud of our pretty Wintermaske. Our sincere thanks go to her trainer and rider Maya Sniadecky, her handler Sterling Graburn, her groom Sarah Carpenter, who had her turned out perfectly at all times, to Suzanne Quarles who sold me Winter's mama and who owns her sire Weltbekannt, and of course to the incomparable Rubizza, who gave us this beautiful filly and raised her to be the budding princessin that she is.

Winter -- The Grand Champion girl!

Photo Reg Corkum

Blanche was featured in an article in Der Hannoveraner which covered the big mare show that she won in September in Canada. Top billing for our lovely new Blanchette! The picture below shows her winning.

Blanche with Mare Championship ribbon

We have begun making choices for stallions for 2003. Rubizza will be bred to Sandro Hit (below), a totally new cross for her that we hope will yield exciting results.

Sandro Hit

Sandro Hit — Sandro Song/ Ramiro/ Welt As

We are still making decisions for Rohanna and Blanche, but are leaning toward Wolkenstein II for Roh and Regazzoni (below) for our pretty Blanchette. Stay tuned!


Regazzoni - Rubinstein I/ Werther/ Dagobert

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