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Elite Mare WolkenstanzaRohanna's 2004 filly by Wolkentanz I has become one of our most successful mares and most consistent producer. Shehas excelled as a dressage horse as well as a broodmare. She was lightly started under saddle as a three year old and then bred to Fidertanz. When inspected in 2007, she made the unheard of score of 8.5, the highest score given in 17 years by AHS. She was USDFBC Regional Champion Filly in 2007 and the following year USDFBC Regional Champion Mare. She presented us with a gorgeous black colt Fidelio February 26th, 2008. The next year she gave us 3 outstanding ET foals, Reflektion, a bay colt by Rousseau, Fantom a black colt by Fidertanz, followed by a full sibling, a gorgeous filly named Fifi. In 2010 we got another Fidertanz ET, Feather an outstanding bay filly. In 2011 two more ETs have arrived, one bay colt Renoir by Rousseau and the other Segovia a black colt by Stedinger. STana produced another ET foal by Fidertanz in 2012. Fiorenzo is a gorgeous bay colt. Her 2013 ET foal was a lovely bay colt. That foal was sold in-utero. Read more about Wolkenstanza here.




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Elite Mare Dominique is a 2006 daughter of the outstanding Donnerhall son Don Schufro out of my very special mare Rohanna. Dominique had a successful inspection and mare performance test as a three year old and will become an Elite Mare when her first foal is born. She was bred by embryo transfer to the young stallion Benidetto and her tall, elegant chestnut colt Benitas arrived March 17th 2011. Very sadly, we lost this most beautiful colt to a colonic ulcer. Dominique produced Bellissima, a gorgeous bay filly by Bellissimo M in 2012. Unfortunately breeding her back was not successful.


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Elite Mare Wintermaske - Rubizza's first-born daughter by the highly successful Hanoverian dressage stallion Weltbekannt. She is a beauty in black - great gaits, elegant and a star for the farm. Successful in shows inhand and as a dressage horse, a site champion Hanoverian mare, Winter is now just as outstanding as a broodmare, having produced five excellent offspring to date — Ballerina, Soliloquy, Scorpio and Wunderboy. Her 2011 colt by Bugatti arrived March 22nd. Balanchine is a full sibling to Ballerina and he is a masculine version of her, right down to the markings. Wintermaske went back under saddle in late fall of 2011 and was enjoyed and loved by my friend Danielle for almost two years. She is now home again and in faol to Fidertanz for 2014. Read more about Wintermaske here.

Fifi at her inspection with Quinnten Alston

Photo credits: Alicia Frese Photography

EMC FifiEM Wolkenstanza's first daughter by Fidertanz has always been a keeper for the farm. She displayed excellence from her first days. She was Horse of the Year for Yearling DSHB classes in 2010, with scores in the 80s. She went under sadddle beautifully and now is beginning to show in dressage. I hope to do ET breedings with her.

SPA Püppi is our newest mare and I could not be more excited about her. She is by the legendary TB improvement sire Prince Thatch out of an Argentan/ Abend/ Lukas dam. Püppi had an outstanding mare inspection, making an overall score of 8 and then had an even better mare performance test, with scores for gaits 7.5, 8.5, 8.5, rideability 8.5 and 8, even jumping ok with a 7 and 7.5. She will stay in Germany for now and presented us with a lovely bay colt by Quaterback, Quantum Theory April 30th. Püppi was bred to Don Schufro for a 2013 foal. She gave me a gorgeous bay filly so wonderful that she earned the name Darling. Püppi is now in foal to Escolar. Read more about Püppi here.

Elite Mare Diva is a 2002 daughter of the legendary dressage stallion Donnerhall. Imported in 2005, Diva presented us with her firstborn in May of 2006, a black son of a young dressage stallion who is already creating a superb name for himself — Florencio. We could not be more pleased with this fantastic colt, Flamboyant. Diva had Royal Don,another lovely colt by Royal Prince in 2008. She was leased to Prosperity Farm for a 2009 foal, producing an outstanding bay filly by Blu Hors Romanov. She gave me another Romanov filly, Romanesque in 2010, and had another Romanov foal January 30th 2011. Rococo is a flashy chestnut colt. In 2012, I leased Diva to Sally and Fred Moehring, Cottage Farm. She gave them a gorgeous bay filly by Royal Prince and she is now in foal to Benidetto for 2014. Read more about Diva here.

Retired Home Again Farm Mares

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Rohanna - Imported as a yearling filly from Germany, her bloodlines are absolutely illustrious - Rohdiamant/ Freiherr/ Aktuell, with a dam-line full of State's Premium Mares. Rohanna showed talent under saddle and tied for highest score in the nation for the Hanoverian inspection tour in 2001. She has produced five daughters and three colts to date, including Wolkenstanza who was the highest scoring mare in 15 years at her own AHS inspection in 2007. Her 2011 colt by Wolkentanz I arrived April 12th. Word of Honor is a beautiful black colt and will be her last. I retired her in 2011 after all the glorious babies she had given me over many years. I tragically lost her in December 2012. RIP my beauty. You will always be remembered and always be missed. Read more about Rohanna here.


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Rubizza - Our foundation mare by the legendary stallion Rubinstein I, Rubi is an imported German Oldenburg, enrolled in the Hanoverian Main Studbook. Top dressage bloodlines, tremendous talent and trainability, and a wonderful Mom. Rubi is our crown jewel, producing fine daughter after daughter — seven thus far — EM Wintermaske, Wonderful World, Wisteria, Waltz with Me, Welcome Home, Fantastica and Lilyana. She had a Fabuleux colt in May 2011, Fable, who will be her last foal. I am retiring her after all the glorious babies she has given me over many years. Please read much more about her on her page.

Photo credits: Sherry Smith Photography

Frolichkeit - A Main Studbook Hanoverian mare, Frolic is our young mare Destinie's mother. She offers versatile bloodlines (Wertherson/ Grundstein I). We are so happy to have her back with us after a number of years as a riding horse and thank her former owner for letting Frolic come Home Again. Frolic was leased for a number of years, producing a Don Frederico colt, a Rascalino filly and two Hotline fillies to the lessee. She gave us our own red headed Rascalino filly Rosabella in April 2009. She produced another Hotline filly March 29th 2011 for me. Halcyon was a very impressive bay filly and I think she was Fro's best foal ever. Very sadly, we lost her to severe ataxia caused by a neck injury. I retired her after all the glorious babies she gave me and others over many years. Sadly, I lost her to a very severe colic in early 2013. Read more about Fro here.

SPS Riou is a well proven broodmare that I was so lucky to acquire recently. She is by Rouletto out of a Prince Thatch xx/ Gigant mare. Riou is 15 years old and has produced many outstanding youngsters. She is the dam of Weiss Guy, a Wolkentanz I gelding doing Intermediare I successfully in the states. Riou is also dam of a gelding by Sandro Hit, that was qualified for the Bundeschampionate last year. She has produced top quality from a wide variety of stallions. She had very fine scores in all categories of her MPT and I am very excited to have the opportunity to breed her. She will remain in Germany with SPA Püppi. Rious was bred to Licotus for a 2013 foal. She produced an outstanding black colt, Lincoln. He was sold to a US home. Unfortunately, uterine cysts have forced me to retire Riou. Read more about Riou here.


Former Home Again Farm Mares


Destinie and her owner Sari

Destinie - Frolichkeit's daughter by the Hanoverian stallion Der Radetzky. She was sweet, smart, brave and has wonderful gaits. She presented us with a lovely filly by Rotspon in 2001. She worked beautifully under saddle before becoming a mama. In 2001 she was presented to the American Hanoverian Society and received a 7.0, making her an Elite mare candidate if she passes the mare performance test in the future. She became quite the world traveller, living in Texas, California, Finland and then again in California as a dressage horse with her owner Sari Jokitulppo. Sadly, Destinie developed a severe form of melanoma and has crossed the rainbow bridge.


Kabibi is a 2002 Oldenburg mare by Rubin Royal, out of a Donnerhall/ Akzent II/ Argentinus dam. She was bred to Wolkentanz I for spring 2009, and gave us a stunning colt, Wowdacious. She was leased to Prosperity Farm for a 2010 foal, producing an outstanding black colt by Wolkentanz I. She presented us with Haiku a gorgeous black Hotline colt March 28th 2011 foal. Very sadly, we lost him. Kabibi was been leased to Heather Luing for a 2013 foal. She was then bought by Mary Beth Stanton for her outstanding Hanoverian program. Read more about Kabibi here.

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Dessin RA is an imported Hanoverian mare by the legendary Donnerhall out of a Graphit dam. Dessi was trained through Second Level dressage before coming rather late to the role of broodmare. She is as sweet and personable as she is lovely. Dessi is shown at left with her Samarant colt bred by former owner Sonia Hoglund of Carosello Farm. Dessi was unable to get in foal after many attempts and much intervention. She is now a good friend's riding horse and is thriving.


Donatella was a 2004 addition to the Home Again Farm mareband. She was an Elite Mare by the Donnerhall son Donnerschlag out of a Wenzel / Domspatz mother. Donnatella received an overall 8 in her inspection in Germany, and a 7.95 on her mare performance test, also in Germany, with equally excellent marks for rideability and jumping. She was a consistent producer of high quality foals from a variety of stallions. She produced Remembranz a lovely colt by Resonanz (Rohdiamant / Cordeur) in May 2005. Very sadly, we lost her to a twisted colon one day afterward. We will mourn our sweet Dona for a long while.

SPS Blanche A is a states premium mare by Bon Bonaparte out of a World Cup/ Grande mother. Her damline produced the stallion lines of Garibaldi, Brentano and Wolkenstein. Blanche made fabulous scores on her mare inspection and performance test, and has won 1a prizes three years in a row. She has produced three sensational daughters, and Rokstarr, a lovely colt by Regazzoni. Blanche had a lovely dark bay filly by Fabuleux in June 2005. Blanche has been sold to fellow breeder Ann Marie Gatto.

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