Hanoverian Inspection 2002

Photos by Reg Corkum

We hosted our third American Hanoverian Society inspection Tuesday, October 16th. It was an inspection that had its fair share of problems. Rainy weather had made the grounds and some of the stalls wet and muddy. The judges were stranded overnight in Atlanta, and did not arrive until close to noon on the day of the inspection. Luckily, we had no horses of our own to be inspected this year so we were able to devote more time than usual to fixing problems. Also, luckily, this was to be a very small inspection, so we were able to make a success of the day, owing to patient and understanding competitors, judges and helpers!

Four Hanoverian mares and seven foals were presented. Members of the inspection team were judges Barbara Richardson and Karin Himmelmayer, and secretary Cathy Tucker–Slaterbeck. The judges did a wonderful job of explaining the inspection process, the reasons behind the scores, and were tactful and kind in their remarks. Handlers included Sterling Graburn and Maya Sniadecky. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to all my friends who pitched in and made the day pleasant, smooth running and fun. Special thanks to Sarah Carpenter and Becky Burns for grooming and helping in the barn area, Lani Kirk for announcing, Judy Yancey for whip handling, and to Louise Stokes for getting folks into the ring without gaps. And very special thanks to my long suffering husband for helping me do everything from assemble the judges tent to getting the arena blocked off and listen to all my worries for weeks ahead of time. Poor man!

the judges

The judging team carefully studying a score sheet

Three of the Hanoverian mares presented were accepted into the Main Studbook. The mares that received 7.0 and above are eligible for Elite mare status after passing a mare performance test in the future.

Below, the top Hanoverian mare Caramella (Contucci/ Spartan) received a 7.33 and is Elite Eligible. She is owned and bred by Robin Muse.


Below, Reserve Champion Hanoverian mare Gezebel (Gixibar/ Equubar) received a 7.0 and is Elite Eligible. She is owned by Whitney Smith and bred by Diane Sternlieb.


Below, Panera Jet (Palladium/ Varius xx) who moved from the Pre-Studbook to the Studbook with a great score of 7.0. She is owned by Patricia Ellinger and was bred by Kentucky Horse Park.

Panera Jet

Below, Fair Lana (Fuerst Gotthard/ Willhelm Tell II) was entered into the Main Studbook. She is owned by Kristin Liebowitz and was bred by Mary Stoner.

Fair Lana

Champion filly

Above Champion filly by Wolkenglanz out of Paraselene by Parabol, owned and bred by Nancy Cole

Don Frederico filly

Above, Reserve filly by Don Frederico out of a Weltmeyer mare SPS Wachau, owned by Irene Wiederhold, bred by Hermann Schulze

Two colts tied for top colt, left below, by Del Piero out of Elite Mare Diedre's Decision, owned and bred by Jill Peterson, and right below, by Palladium out of Run Away Angel, owned and bred by Andrea Hayden

Del Piero colt

Palladium colt

Branding occurred after the foal presentation. All went smoothly. After lunch we presented our four year old mare Wintermaske (seen below with her rider and trainer Maya Sniadecky) in a demonstration of the under saddle portion of the Mare Performance Test. Barbara Richardson gave remarks about the MPT following the demo, encouraging mare owners to consider testing their good mares.

Wintermaske in under saddle demonstration

Wintermaske (Weltbekannt/Rubinstein I), ridden by Maya Sniadecky, giving a demo of the MPT

Congratulations to all who participated. We hope for better weather and better airline service next time!