Fillies don't get much fancier or have more presence than our little girl Halcyon (Hotline/ Wertherson/ Grundstein I) had. Arriving March 29th, Hallie was Frolichkeit's 2nd Hotline offspring. Last year she had a gorgeous bay filly Haley for another breeder who leased her. Halcyon was a near twin, with perhaps an even prettier head. In my opinion, she was Fro's very best offspring to date. She had a tremendous presence, demanding attention. She had a very powerful, uphill trot and a good clear walk. Tragically, Halcyon sustained an injury to her neck that caused severe ataxia and she was euthanized when she was a few months old. RIP, sweet Halcyon.

Halcyon - a filly with tremendous presence


Last updated March 2, 2012