Fidelio 9/08

Fidelio in September 2008

I doubt that a Home Again Farm foal has been more highly anticipated than was Wolkenstanza's first born. Stanza has delighted and excited me through her entire life and I waited for this birth with apprehension and hope. Like her mama Rohanna, Stanza wasted no time presenting us with her wee one, foaling on March 26th at 321 days with an ease that one would have expected from an old pro rather than a maiden mare. She has since shown a real instinct as a mother, raising her baby boy with kindness and discipline.

Fidelio head

Fidelio has his grandmother Rohanna's head

Fidelio is an extremely elegant black colt by the outstanding stallion Fidertanz. He has to date shown extremely supple movement in both trot and canter and a lovely flat footed and clear walk. He is easy to work with, leads, loads, bathes, clips, stands for the farrier and vet. This is one that should really shine under saddle.

Fidelio sold to Leah Moore of Oregon in May 2009. Leah showed him in a DHSB show in August 2009, where he won his colt class as well as the colt championship. He went under saddle in 2011 and in 2012 has been identified by several top trainers as a young horse with excellent upper level potential.

Fidelio and mom


Fidelio seems to have his papa Fidertanz's eyes

Fidelio and poor mama

Poor Wolkenstanza learning the joys of being a mama to a boy


All that silliness can wear a boy out!

Pictures below were taken April 11th.

Fidelio posing

Fidelio cantering

Fidelio posing again

Here are more pictures taken in early May. He is very definitely all boy and has great presence and suppleness.

Please pardon the quality of the next shots taken from video.

Last updated September 28, 2008