Clinics at Home Again Farm

HAF sponsored monthly clinics with Bereiter Wolfgang Scherzer for many years. Mr Scherzer had been coming to us since 1988. We feel that he is one of the finest teachers of dressage that we have known. His idol was the late Herbert Rehbein. Scherzer works with students at all levels. He competes at the FEI levels and keeps up his own education by working with top trainers when he can find the time. He is extremely positive, enthusiastic and thoroughly dedicated to teaching strong basics.

Future clinics will be held at at Dragon's Lair, Newberry. Contact Celia Evans for details — 352-472-6372.

Here are a few pictures from the clinics. We learned a lot - and we had a lot of fun.

Wintermaske and Maya

Maya Sniadecky riding Wintermaske above



Elizabeth riding Dacapo

The filly peanut gallery

Patti and Elizabeth talking to the fillies who are taking notes on their future jobs

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