Elite Mare Dominique

Dietrich as a tiny baby

Dominique is our fourth Rohanna daughter, born in 2006. Dominique is by the deservedly famous stallion Don Schufro. Dominique was a bold, robust and impressive filly. She had the typical Don Schufro "look at me" attitude, a gorgeous canter that is very uphill, and a fancy, round front leg. We could not have been more pleased with this young lady.

She went from the pretty foal stage to the gangly, hide behind the barn stage very quickly. As a yearling she was a little over 16 hands. So pictures became quite scarce as we waited for our duckling to become a swan. She had stunning movement, along with the typical sweet and easy Rohanna baby temperament, so we believed it would be worth the wait. We were well rewarded.

Dominique went under saddle with trainer Maya Sniadecky in July 2009. She stands almost 17 hands now and is growing into an impressive mare. Her movement is powerful, her character is exemplary. Under saddle, despite being very green and very tall, she shows exceptional balance, particularly in the canter. Her willingness to please puts a smile on my trainer's face. Maya said of her that all she knows to do is to try and to please, never saying no to any request.

She was presented to AHS for her inspection and the mare performance test in October 2009. Domi passed both with flying colors. She passed her MPT with a 7.11, despite being asked to do things that she had never done before. She only made a 5/5 in jumping, but she made a 9 on rideability. She made an overall 7.66 in her mare inpection, making her an Elite Candidate, and I am so very proud of her.

Dominique showed in Materiale in September 2009 as a three year old, winning her class with a very high score. She showed again in January 2010, winning an FEI 4 year old Young Horse class and a Training Level class that had 13 horses in it, many of whom were years older.

Domi was bred via ET to Benidetto for a 2011 foal. She continued in training and in 2011 joined my mare band. Her 1st foal, Benitas, the embryo transfer by Benidetto was absolutely outstanding in every way. Very sadly, he was lost to a colonic ulcer at a month of age. Domi was bred to Bellissimo M for a 2012 foal. She produced Bellissima, a gorgeous bay filly March 31st. Bellissima was sold to Gigi Ansell of Ocala. Bellissima was top filly at the 2012 Florida AHS inspection. Unfortunately, I have not been able to breed Domi back. I will try again in 2014.

Here are much older Domi pics, from her first days until she was a two year old.

Dietrich saying hi

Dietrich at about 3 weeks


Dietrich, six months


Dominique coming to say hello

Better snap quickly or the picture will be of Domi's nose!

Stretching to see the dog

Stretching to see the dog

Domi in April 2009 — nearly ready to be started under saddle

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