Home Again Farm News 1999 to 2001



Frolichkeit has switched hats from mama mare to dressage princess. Her new owner Theresa Vanden Heuvel reports that Fro has taken to massages, living in her own private stall with adjoining paddock, and getting lots of carrots to keep up her lovely color!

Sterling Graburn has shown Rubizza in hand for us quite successfully. At her first breed show, Rubi was champion Yeld mare, champion mare, champion other warmblood (I always forget that she is not Hanoverian, but Oldenburg) and reserve champion mature horse. Not bad for a morning’s work!


In May 1999, our first born foal -Dazzler was sold to our great friend Laura Wayman, Rochester, MN. Dazzie has taken to being a snow bunny really well. Laura is looking forward to the thaw when she and Dazz can venture out of the indoor arena for a trail ride.



Wonderful World has a new owner. She spent her first six months of life seducing Patti Thompson, and is now Patti’s future dressage star. "Wruffles" will stay with our herd until she is a little older. Patti brings her lots of love and a little discipline every week.

Rubizza is finally under saddle after giving us two beautiful fillies. Maya Sniadecky has her going beautifully. She has already been shown once at Training Level dressage (after being ridden for a total of 3 months) and managed to get a 70% and second place, despite being afraid of the other horses that were in the warm-up area with her.

Destinie was started under saddle in November 1999. After two months of light training with Maya, she was going beautifully. Now she is taking it easy for a couple of months before being bred.


Rubizza was bred to Wolkenstein II May 7th. She is now safely in foal, with the highly anticipated foal due about mid-April 2001. We had hoped to breed her and do an embryo transfer so that we could keep her in training. Sadly, logistics and costs have made this impossible for this year. And for those who are counting on another Rubi baby by Weltbekannt, that will have to wait for 2002! Stay tuned!

We happily report that Destinie is in foal to the lovely young Rubinstein son Rotspon. She was bred May 25th and took on one insemination dose. We eagerly await the foal in late April 2001. Stay tuned here for updates.

We owe immense thanks to Dr. Michelle LeBlanc at the University of Florida's veterinary teaching hospital for her dedication in getting Des and Rubi bred so efficiently and successfully. We also thank Laura Whitford and Melissa Mulcahey for helping us in our breeding efforts.

Rohanna and Wintermaske are learning all about bridles so that they can go out to play at some breed shows this summer. Both little ladies have shown themselves as very quick studies. Trotting in hand has become a favorite pasttime. Watch for them at Canterbury this summer, in the two year old fillies class.


Frolichkeit is becoming a Yankee! She is moving to Ohio with her owner Theresa Vanden Heuvel. We wish them a safe trip and hope that they come back to us someday.


Wonderful World (Wruffles) has gone home with her new Mom Patti Thompson. Patti reports that Wruffles took the move completely in stride. She rode in the trailer like a seasoned veteran, not the 14 month old baby girl that she is. She arrived at her new barn to a big welcome, complete with pink bows on her stall door and a pink and white "welcome Wruffles" cake. Patti promises to give lots of Wruffles bulletins, so stay tuned!


Destinie and Rubizza are well in foal. Only about six more months to wait for their foals. Both girls look great and are enjoying being pampered mamas to be!

The northern contingent of HAF babies of year's past are all getting ready for winter. Dazzler and Frolichkeit have seen snow before, but real winter will be a new experience for Davenant. Here is a picture of Fro at her new home in Ohio.

Fro in Ohio

Speaking of the approaching winter, Wonderful World (Wruffles) has worn her first sheet. She seems to like being a fashion-plate! Here is a new picture of her - looking like quite the lady at 16 months of age!

Wruffles at 16 months

We are making final choices for our breeding plans for 2001. Rubizza will be bred to Weltbekannt. Rohanna will be bred to Weltmeyer (we will have a new page on him posted very soon). Destinie may be bred to either Gold luck, Wolkenglanz, Feiner Stern, Feinbrand or a new Domiro. There are getting to be so many wonderful stallions in the US that picking one becomes a marvelous dilemma! Wintermaske will be bred to either Don Primero or Hohenstein this spring. Want to give us your opinion on who to chose for Winter? Send me an e-mail or vote in the Guestbook!


Hohenstein — Winter's date ??


Don Primero

Don Primero?



Destinie and Rubizza are moving into the last trimester of their pregnancies. Rubi is thriving as always, and Des seems to be really taking to motherhood. It has been exciting to begin seeing foal movement. This is easiest to spot after the ladies have eaten their evening grain. This years foal watch should be easier than previous years. We are getting a closed circuit camera system that will let me keep an eye on both ladies at once from the comfort of the house or the barn office. That will be a joy! Certainly beats hiking up to the barn every hour and worrying if I should go in between as well! Ah the joys of technology! Stay tuned for more updates!

Wintermaske and Rohanna are being started under saddle by own good friend Maya Sniadecky. The girls have been with Maya about a week and they are longeing well. She plans to climb on them next week. Maya has started all of our youngsters for us. We love the careful and correct beginning she gives them. Watch for pictures very soon!


Rubizza is 300 days along in her pregnancy. If all goes as it has in other years, we have a little over 30 days to wait for her Wolkenstein II foal. She looks great and is fit and thriving. Destinie is about three weeks behind her, so Rotspon fans will need to be patient! Her due date is closer to the end of April.

Wintermaske and Rohanna are doing wonderfully under saddle with Maya. They are both being ridden in and around the arena. Maya has remarked that they both have superior balance and willingness. Winter is a little more laid back than Rohanna. She would be happy to be a couch potato and just take life easy, but is willing to work a little if that is what her human thinks really needs to be done. Both fillies will be heading to the Valhalla Farm Dressage and Breed show in mid-March. Maybe we'll see some of you there!

By the way, we have decided to breed Wintermaske to Hohenstein (below) this season. We think he will be a great cross with her. We've decided to give Destinie a year off from motherhood and will put her back under saddle when her upcoming baby is weaned. Three foals in 2001 will be plenty.




We are near the end of March and Des and Rubi are still in foal. Rubi is looking very close now. The TV cameras have been set up in the big stalls, the stalls cleaned and disinfected. We are eagerly awaiting the big events!

Wintermaske and Rohanna have finished their brief period of training with Maya Sniadecky. As always Maya has done a wonderful job, getting two young horses started on the longe and under saddle. We owe her much more than we could ever include in a paycheck! She has given our girls a happy start that has built their confidence and taken what were very nice gaits and balance and made them even better. She commented that Winter has balance that is rarely seen in such a green horse, and that it would take an awful lot to hurt HER self esteem! She was thrilled with Rohanna -- in particular with her willingness to try anything asked and to figure out what was wanted and offer it almost without having to be asked.

Here are a couple of pictures of the girls after about seven weeks of work. There are other under saddle pictures on their pages. Just click on either of their names above to see them. Next on the agenda for them is being bred next month.

Rohanna 3 weeks under saddle

Maya and pretty Rohanna - wearing her halo as usual!

Wintermaske 3 weeks under saddle

Wintermaske and Maya enjoying a brisk canter

And the wait is finally over as far as deciding who Wintermaske will be bred to! The Papa will be Don Primero. We had already decided that, but our decision has been set in stone as the Hohenstein semen has not arrived! Don Primero is in the tank and will be the Papa for this breeding!

We have wintry pictures from Dazzler's Mom in Minnesota to post for your enjoyment. She had been telling me how hard the winter has been -- but as they say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, here are a couple of thousand!

Dazzie galloping thru the snow

Dazzie and the herd coming at the gallop for dinner

Dazzie and laura in the frozen north

That's Mom in the snowsuit -- handing out frozen carrots, no doubt!


Rubizza and Destinie both foaled safely. Both had lovely fillies. Des has had a problem providing enough milk, but we are managing to supplement her milk with milk replacer. Check out the fillies on Wisteria and Royal Destinie's pages.

Rohanna is in foal to Weltmeyer for 2002. She became pregnant from one insemination dose. Winter had a non-ovulating follicle that we hope to have zapped. We had a problem with our Don Primero semen, and have changed our plan again (it IS a woman's perogative, after all). We hope to have bred her to Granulit within the next week. We promise to not change our mind again!



Granulit - Winter's date - that's my final answer!

We must to give heartfelt thanks to the friends and veterinarians who helped out with the foalings and the breedings thus far this season.

Dr Caroline Von Rosenberg has done a wonderful job breeding Rohanna and Winter using frozen semen. Judy Yancey has also helped invaluably with that project, managing the fillies at her farm in Ocala. She has teased them and monitored them closely so that their stay at the vets has been brief.

Untold thanks to Dena and Jim Rice who donated 30 ounces of their best mare's colostrum when Des was showing signs of problems before foaling. Dr. Von Rosenberg also donated colostrum and found Domperidone to help Des build as much udder as possible.

Dr. Randy Emmons and his partner Dr. Bill Whittler went above and beyond the call of duty seeing that Royal Destinie got as good a start in life as possible when her Mama could not provide enough food. Randy practically lived at the farm the day Royal was born, and Dr. Whittler saved the day when she spiked a fever later in the week.


There is so much to report. The new fillies, Wisteria and Royal, are thriving and growing up so quickly. Destinie was able to provide much more milk for Royal than we ever could have guessed. We have hardly supplemented her milk at all. We may be able to breed Des again after all. Royal is so nice that it is very tempting to do so. There are new pictures of both fillies on their pages.

Rubizza has been successfully bred to Weltbekannt for a third full sibling to Wintermaske. Weltbekannt has some long lived semen, as our timing was terrible on the breeding, and Rubi is still pregnant! Maybe the timing will finally give us a colt from this breeding. They say boys swim slower than girls!

Not all our breeding plans went smoothly. For whatever reason, the breeding gods did not look well on Winter this year. She did not get in foal to either Don Primero (first attempt) or Granulit (second attempt). Perhaps she just needs another year to mature. I admit to feeling relieved that I will only be foaling out one maiden next year. She continues in work and will go to her first show in late August.

We are so pleased that our trainer Maya Sniadecky is back with us for a while. Wintermaske and Rohanna have continued under saddle and are doing so well. Destinie has just gone back to work as well. One would hardly believe that she was not ridden for a year and several months. She longed twice and Maya climbed right back in the saddle. She loves the attention and the work, and her daughter is learning that Mama can go out to work for a little while without the sky falling. Rubi tried to become a jumper last week and now has a doctor's excuse from work for another week or so. She, too, will be worked until early fall. We promise to do pictures of all the girls working very soon. For now, here is one captured from video from winter 2001 when Rubi was last in work.


Rubi under saddle between babies

Rubi under saddle in winter 2000


Here is the latest picture of Dazzler from his Mom in Minnesota. This was one of their first trips outdoors after the long winter months. As you can see, they are BOTH grinning!


Dazzie and Laura in the sweet sunshine

Dazzler and Laura enjoying the outdoors after a long winter


We finally got out to a breed show this month. Rohanna went to the Canterbury Summer Sizzler 3 show August 26th. Though she was the only participant in the 1998 fillies class, we were very pleased with her winning score of 77.7% from Judge Jane Ayers. She went on to place in the Filly Championship and qualified for the regional championship to be held in November. As always, Rohanna showed great composure, elegance and handled her solo trip with impeccable manners. By the end of the day, she was relaxed and happy in the unfamiliar quarters. We are very proud of her!

Wisteria and Royal Destinie continue to grow and get prettier every day. We are getting them ready for their presentation at the American Hanoverian Society inspection to be held at the farm October 16th. Rohanna, Wintermaske and Destinie are also being groomed and worked under saddle as preparation for their mare inspections that day. It will be especially fun to get pictures of Rubizza and all three of her daughters, when Wonderful World (Wruffles) comes back to the farm to be branded. I will post that picture as soon as I get it made.


Rohanna was presented to the German Oldenburg Verband on September 3rd, and accepted with a high score into their Main Marebook. The inspection was hosted by Judy Yancey. Sterling Graburn handled Rohanna beautifully for us. Below is a picture from the inspection. More are on Rohanna's page.

Rohanna head shot

Rohanna at her Oldenburg mare inspection


We hosted a very successful American Hanoverian Society Mare Inspection at the farm October 16th. Read all about it on the inspection page.


On November 10th and 11th, we attended the Sunshine Sporthorse Classic at Canterbury Equestrian Showplace. This was a huge regional championship final in the Cosequin USDF Southeastern USA series. Finally, after several unsuccessful attempts, I was able to take an example of my own breeding to a breed show, in the form of my three year old filly Wintermaske. Rohanna also went, giving us two entries in the 1998 fillies class.

We travelled to Canterbury early Saturday morning, arriving with the girls already braided and shining from all the grooming that Becky Potter and Becky Burns had lavished on them since well before dawn. The first class was the 1998 Filly Qualifier, judged by Hilda Gurney. The girls were presented by Sterling Graburn, with my trainer Maya Sniadecky and my dear friend Louise Stokes assisting. Wintermaske went first and showed her usual poise in a new and busy situation. As always, she seemed to enjoy the audience, to almost preen for the cameras. She showed well and made an impressive 80.3%. Rohanna went last in the class. She was her usual careful, polite self, but showed more than her usual in-hand trot. Perhaps she is beginning to understand that a big, impressive trot is what we want, and that manners do not require a less bold trot. She made the extremely high score of 83.5%. In the end, Rohanna had won the class, and Winter was right behind her in second place. Those placings held for the Filly Championship. In the Young Horse Championship, the girls remained on top, beating the boys and keeping their one and two slots. Next they were measured against the Mature Horse champions for the In-Hand Championship of Saturday's show. This time, Winter showed more spark. When the dust cleared, the Champion was a gorgeous imported Dutch mare by Jonggor's Weyden. Reserve Champion was Wintermaske. Rohanna was third. A lovely Dutch stallion was fourth. We floated back to the barns.

Winter, Young Horse Champion

Show photos - Reg Corkum

Wintermaske sporting her Young Horse Finals Championship Ribbon

Later Saturday Winter won her IBC Hanoverian breed class with an 80%. Rohanna showed well against a big class of Oldenburgs, placing third behind two mature horses of excellent quality in a class judged by Janine Malone. Last of the day Rohanna was ridden by Maya Sniadecky in the 3 year old filly Materiale class. She won her class with a 79%, and then went on to place third in the Materiale Championship, behind two mature stallions with much more training than she has received at her young age. She showed poise in her first big group class under saddle. No one could have asked for more from her.

Sunday dawned foggy and cool. We decided that we could not ask Rohanna to show under saddle a second day. She is, after all, only a three year old and showing and feeling her seven month pregnancy. We scratched the Materiale Championship and decided to concentrate on the Young Horse Championship, for which both young mares had qualified. That class was huge, with twenty-one entries!

It was a rather chaotic class, because there were so many horses being handled by just a few people. We had a hard time finding a way to have the girls handled without being run by an exhausted Sterling Graburn. Rohanna went before Wintermaske. She showed the fatigue that I feared she was feeling. Despite a less than brilliant trot, she managed to make a very respectable score of 75.7%, with Hilda Gurney giving her a 77.7% and Malone a 73.7%. Wintermaske went towards the end of the class. She seemed to know that she needed to shine. Maya encouraged her trot from a corner of the arena, and Winter showed a trot to die for. She scored a 77.9%, with Hilda Gurney giving her a 79.4% and Malone a 76.4%. When the dust cleared, Wintermaske was the Champion Young Horse in the Southeastern US Finals Series. Rohanna was 5th in the Young Horse Finals, and third in the fillies finals.

For her efforts under saddle in addition to in hand, Rohanna was awarded the Grand Champion of the show award. Wintermaske received the Southeastern Hanoverian Society high score award. I received the Breeder of the High Score American-bred Young Horse award for breeding Wintermaske. In all we had so many ribbons, neck rosettes and prizes that I felt quite embarrassed at the over-abundance. Perhaps the most heart tugging award was the Shadow Perpetual Trophy won by Wintermaske when she won the Young Horse Regional Finals. This award was given by my good friend Suzanne Copley in honor of her wonderful thirty plus year old horse Shadow. I had the honor of riding Shadow briefly in the early 1980's when Suzanne was recuperating from surgery. He allowed me the joys of learning half-pass, flying changes and showed me a powerhouse trot extension that I will never forget. He also kept me humble. I treasure that award.

Winter and lotsa ribbons

Wintermaske with all the rosettes we could fit on her at once — Looking like the Cheshire cat!

I cannot report all this glory without thanking the people who helped to make the success. First, I must thank Suzanne Quarles of Some Day Soon Farm, who sold me my first two mares (one of whom was Rubizza, Winter's incredible mother), who always allowed me to ask questions, and who gave the very best advice (among which was to breed Rubi to her stallion Weltbekannt, resulting in Wintermaske). I owe a huge debt to Maya Sniadecky, who has ridden every one of my young horses and mares, and who put so much expert preparation into both Winter and Rohanna's training for the last 10 months. Sterling Graburn, as always, presented my girls beautifully. Becky Potter and Becky Burns had them looking gorgeous every moment they were before the public. Louise Stokes and Lani Kirk held my nervous hand through all the moments of suspense. Louise even went into the ring with a boisterous Wintermaske and proved you don't have to be big to be effective! A huge thank you to Judy Yancey for importing Rohanna and allowing me to make her a part of my farm. It was a surprise and joy to find a filly of such quality within an hour's trip from the farm.

Winter, Mom and an armful of rosettes

Wintermaske wondering, "If you can't eat them, what good are they, Mom??"

And now Rohanna will be allowed to take it easy until her March 2002 foaling date. Wintermaske will continue in training until next spring. We hope to have her in a few little dressage shows very soon. Stay tuned!

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